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Miley Cyrus Puts the Raunchy Bang in Bangerz Tour Kicking Off in Vancouver

I’ll say this for Miley Cyrus, she knows how to get attention. Sure, there have been kids since kindergarten acting up in class trying to get noticed, and they’re mostly pretty darn annoying, but how many of them have turned their need for attention into a media empire? That’s right, Miley and a couple others in this entire world. So, maybe a bit over the top and kind of skeezy, or, in the case of her stage show antics in kicking off her Bangerz Tour, quite skeezy, but everybody is looking. And when people look in her business, the rewards follow.

Miley struck many memorable poses in the Canuckian town of Vancouver over the weekend. Some straight out of Backdoor Teen Mom type positioning, others her more traditional booty bending and twerking with various furries and simulated sex with a guy dressed like one of our past Presidents. It’s all heavily designed to bring in those eyeballs, and to Miley’s credit, it’s not like she’s playing the roadside truckstop in Tennessee. She’s selling out arenas. To the victor goes the spoils, and our leering eyes this morning. She has reached a new level of something or other. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift Rocks Out for the Kids, But Pleases the Grown Men in Jolly Old England

Her songs and style and whole silly stage show might be meant for her younger skewing audience, but there’s no doubt Taylor Swift has some allure in her bag of long legged tricks for the older lads and blokes among the crowd at her 02 arena concert in London. The costumes and get-ups are a bit much, and I’m not sure Taylor actually plays electric guitar, but she seems quite earnest in her shtick and wardrobe, so I’m willing to stare at her gams and long writhing body on stage and pretend it’s all part of some secretly grown up sensual act designed to provoke the lesser angels like myself.

Taylor Swift has become somewhat of a controversial figure over the past few years for her high maintenance girlfriend routine, but, it’s times like these it’s good to remind yourself you’re not actually dating her, just staring at her and pretending you have one night alone with her in her London hotel giving her a full body massage, from lipstick to toenails. See, there, that’s much better. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Santa-Twerking Romp Through Florida Is More Naughty Than Nice

Miley Cyrus has taken her naughty Santa’s helper act to the Sunshine State in the final legs of the Jingle Ball tour that I must say seems like it’s been going on since Labor Day. Nobody can milk enough bucks out of Christmas these days I suppose. Fair enough, especially when it involves the little pop princess slamming and shimmying her body around in a tiny leotard on stage in front of adoring fans of all ages.

Say what you will about Miley Cyrus, but that pop in pop music stands for popular, and Miley has managed to become one of the single most popular musical performers in the world during 2013. Kind of like the ballplayer who just scores touchdowns. You don’t have to like him, but you will know his name (and likely pick him to be on your fantasy team). Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Twerks in White in the Nation’s Capital

Not sure how many more of these Jingle Balls are left for Miley Cyrus to parade around half-naked on stage, but it seems like the kind of thing we could probably push into January, like after-Christmas department store sales. The new crowned princess of all things pop music and exhibitionist has been treating the country the past couple of weeks to a solid dose of Miley bottom, Miley top, and Miley grinding on Santa Clause.

In her latest stop, Miley took her pimping Christmas show to Washington D.C., a dignified town where Congressmen used to wear ties to their afternoon strip club lunches, and where Miley came out in virginal white, the costume that is, to tease and twerk and work the crowd over with her own set of stripper-like skills. You can call Miley Cyrus many things, but boring isn’t one of them. She’s quite good at this attention-getting game. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez Sizzles at Jingle Ball in Dallas

It’s that time of year again for Jingle Balls at all the pop stations around the country. It’s generally a major league assortment of craptastic tunes, but charitable dollars are raised, and along with some of that aurally challenging music comes hotties the likes of Selena Gomez dazzling with their stage wares.

Perhaps no other pop diva has grown up more on stage in this past year than Selena Gomez. What was not too long ago a little girl mall show has now become grown up Selena moving her booty around and working the stage like a wireless headset lip-synching Britney like pro. It’s something to behold, and brave screaming teens to see if you can. Enjoy.

Beyonce Warms Up the Stage in Canada

Turns out, Beyonce was the single most searched celebrity for 2013 according to Microsoft. I’m quite certain many of our readers helped out in that cause by searching ‘Beyonce booty’, ‘Beyonce topless’, and ‘Beyonce makes me beg her to sit on my feet’ and similar terms I know you guys are typing into your search engines. And I’m not surprised. For yet another year Beyonce does what she does best, puts on a show stopping concert tour with her curvaceous body and proud strut and booming voice. Pretty simple formula that nobody really does better.

Beyonce heated up the night in Vancouver over the weekend, doing her booty shaking thing and belting out songs that I don’t really know, but I’d tell her were awesome during rehearsals while I held her mink coat off to the side for when ever she felt a chill and snapped her fingers for my attention. Ah, to serve Beyonce in bedroom and bath, that is the dream. Enjoy.

Lady Gaga Flashes Bush and Butt on Stage in London

We saw the photos of Lady Gaga last week ripping off her dress as she left the stage dramatically at a London nightclub last week. It was, um, challenging. Today we get a peek at the pre-stripping performance, wherein the controversial diva flashes her bare dumper and pulls down her panties to reveal her nearly shorn, but definitely present lady bush for the adoring crowd.

I’ll give Gaga the benefit of the doubt and say her peekaboo show was contextually relevant to her musical performance. Either way, I guess, game on Miley Cyrus. Your move. Enjoy.