Maitland Ward Dressed Up As ‘Red Sonja’ For The Long Beach Comic-Con

The ever partially clad Maitland Ward showed off her inner warrior queen when she cosplayed as Red Sonja at the Long Beach comic-con. Some of you might be too young to remember Red Sonja. She was like a female Conan the Barbarian and was played by the statuesque hottie Brigitte Neilsen. She basically wore a dark age bikini and that’s what Maitland is sporting. Maitland’s breastplate offers little protection as it shows off quite a bit of her cleavage and sideboob. While this wouldn’t help her in battle, it is nice to look at. Maitland has a fantastic rack and luckily she likes to show it off. The bottom essentially leaves her booty hanging out of the back and just barely covers up her lady bits. I wish more hot women would cosplay as sexy women from fantasy and sci-fi. Imagine Alessandra Ambrosio or Chrissy Teigen as slave metal bikini Princess Leia.

Now that would be worth the price of admission to a comic-con and would allow all of those nerds to see a partially naked woman maybe for the only time in their lives.

Nadeea Volianova Nipples In A See-Through Outfit For Comic-Con

Singer Nadeea Volianova sported a completely see-through outfit at the San Diego Comic-Con. I’m not entirely sure if she’s dressed as some kind of comic book character or she’s just some sort of intergalactic sex ninja. What I do know is that she has some pretty outstanding funbags. And you can see them in their entirety in this outfit, nips and all. The costume is basically the kind of lingerie you find in a fetish shop. She also wore some war paint and a sword, which normally wouldn’t do anything for me, but it kinda makes my Excalibur want to go into the stone, if you know what I mean. Also displayed is her tight shapely booty. It’s pretty amazing and, again, is in almost complete view.

You’ve got to love comic-cons because they encourage women to dress up like slave Princess Leias and Wonder Womans and whatever the hell Nadeea is trying to be. It really is a place where dreams come true.

Adrianne Curry Catplay Cosplay Consumes Me at Comic-Con

Comic-Con has become far too big of a frenzy to get a read on these days. There is no novelty any longer as the fan boy convention has become subsumed by the media machine into just a massive film and television contention with half the world’s population and lots of posers. I mean, non virgin geeks who have corrupted it’s purity. Now pretty much the entirety of L.A and New York ship out to San Diego for the weekend each July to push anything from sit-coms to rom-coms to Dick Wolf crime dramas. It has lost its joie-de-vive, so to speak. But it hasn’t lost Adrianne Curry.

Adrianne has made a habit of picking out cool cosplay costumes that accentuate her fitness body and owning Comic-Con each year. The competition is not exactly the private model beaches of St. Tropez, but there are thousands of girls attempting to get noticed in their superhero get up each summer and Adrianne pretty much dominates. She wore a number of outfits over the nerd weekend, but Catwoman sold it for me. There was little room left for anything but mischief in that outfit. Just the way it should be. Enjoy.

Jessica Alba Wins Comic-Con Hottest Looker (She Wins Hottest Looker Everywhere)

The uber-sextastic Jessica Alba made her way down to Comic-Con with the entire rest of Hollywood to pimp her latest project for the day. That being Sin City 2: A Dame to Die For on one of the conventions many panels where the nerds sweat feverishly in the audience while the panel takes some patsy questions that lets them pimp the shizz out of their movie and then get home before they stink of Old Spice and cheese on a stick.

Naturally, Jessica manages to look crazy lust inducing without going full bore show off like many of the costumed ladies at the same event. When in Rome, act like an aristocrat and you will stand out. And Jessica and her bare midriff and hot looks definitely make an impression. Fortunately no fan boys were injured dropping from the ceiling above her. Or, I should so, nobody cared when they were injured. Jessica, so hot. Do tease. Enjoy.

Cosplay Girls of Comic-Con Day Uno

It didn’t take long into the long weekend at Comic-Con for the cosplay girls in barely there costumes to try to self-promote as much as possible, before eventually being encircled by fan boy armies of horny nerds who consumed them in whole. It’s a brief, but bright existence. Better to burn out than fade away and all that nonsense.

With 50,000 screaming geek boys with lotion dispensers attached to their fanny packs, it doesn’t take much to get them amped up. Lots of skin in rayon wardrobe often does the trick. Or just deep cleavage and pubic exhibition. This is what Comic-Con is truly about. Check out some of the girls spotted around the convention on Opening Day.

Megan Fox Shows Up Leggy and Hot for TMNT Panel at Comic-Con

I don’t quite understand why the nerd boy armies want to speak to the actors in certain geek world movie fare, as opposed to the producers, creators, artists, and writers and such of the actual content. Though I do readily understand why more people will show up to see Megan Fox in a short dress than a balding pale writer discussing the origins of April O’Neil as a symbol of the fourth estate.

Megan has been making far less public appearances these days being a MILFy mommy and all, but when she does, she still holds the bright torch of the sextastic as always, leaving all of her other red carpet followers in her wake. Oh, that I could be in Megan Fox’s wake. I’d breath the air in slowly. TMI on TMNT? Perhaps, but Megan Fox is absolutely positively the best hook for selling that fighting turtles flick. I’d rename it the Megan Fox in Tight Tops Movie but fast. Enjoy.

Latex Queen Bianca Beauchamp Breaks Nerdy Hearts as Jessica Rabbit

Bianca Beauchamp
You've Gotta Make Her Work For It, Boys (and Girls)

Icon of latex, Bianca Beauchamp, reminds us that Comic-Con is the gift that keeps giving the whole year ’round. It may have ended in July, but the wonders of nerd-dom have not ceased even this far into Autumn. Over the summer, at the Super Bowl of high geekery, she tortured some poor souls with her Jessica Rabbit get-up. Now we have this nifty video of her hottie hijinx.