Cincinnati Reds

Stay Away From Aroldis Chapman

Typically, when it comes to professional athletes, people will do whatever it takes to hang out with them. These guys are living the life; who would not want to hang out with them?

Well, if Cincinnati Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman calls you up to say, ‘hey, let’s hang out,’ you really need to say no.


Cincinnati Reds Fan Catches Back-to-Back Home Run Balls (VIDEO)

Reds fan catches consecutive HR blasts
This Kids Needs to Play the Lottery!

Imagine you’re just kicking back at home, a buddy calls and invites you to a Reds game. You figure, sure, why not? So you, your buddy and his uncle head down to the ballpark and take your seats in the front row of outfield bleachers. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll see a homerun. If you’re really lucky, maybe you’ll catch a home run.

Well, if you’re Caleb Lloyd, you’re beyond lucky because he caught two home runs, in consecutive at-bats. Two home runs, two souvenirs, right? Well, not exactly. Catching two HR balls is cool, but what Caleb did after the fact was probably even better. Caleb Tells His Story »

Joey Votto Shows Off his Home Run Swing (VIDEO)

Joey Votto of the Cincinnati Reds
Bombs Away! Votto Unloads.

The Reds made Joey Votto a very rich man after his 2010 MVP season; he responded by hitting .309, knocking in 103 RBIs, and hitting 29 home runs. This season, however, they’ve been left wanting.

Going into Sunday’s game with the Washington Nationals he had just a pair of home runs on the season and had not hit one since April 29 against the Houston Astros.He made up for the lack of power this season in a big way against the Nationals with a trio of home runs including a walk off grand slam off of Nats closer Henry Rodriguez to give the Reds the win, 9-6.

Article by Travis Pulver

Cincinnati Reds Join Elite Club

There are certain clubs that most people (or at least guys) are eager to join; the Auto Club, the Beer of the Month Club, the Bacon of the Month Club (you know you’d join) and the Mile High Club just to name a few.

Exclusivity is not mandatory, but it is cool to know that you’ve done something or gone somewhere that few have gone before. Well, on Friday the Cincinnati Reds gained entry into one of the most prestigious and exclusive clubs that Major League Baseball has to offer.

The 10,000 Wins Club.