Christina Milian

Christina Milian Vs Kim Kardashian In Racktastic White Showdown

Christina Milian and Kim Kardashian both stepped out in tight cleavy white dresses unaware that we would soon be pitting them in battle against one another to see who showed off the rack and booty better.

Kim is obviously a near daily veteran of these kinds of public displays of lady curves, while Christina Milian has recently returned to the game in order to promote her new music and reality show. And it’s not like she doesn’t have the underlying and under-clothes skills to back up her shows. Two hourglass shaped ladies just trying to get a few or a million peeps. But who stunned the most? Boobtastic is in the eye of the beholder. You’ll have to decide for yourself. You can never truly go wrong with the ole wank test. I think Sir Walter Raleigh invented that. Still going strong. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/AKM-GSI/Splash

Christina Milian Topless Silhouettes, Pokies And See Through For New Music Video

Christina Milian is more than back in the game, she’s come to take it over. With her new reality show and preparation for a new album, Christina has turned herself into an even finer MILFtastic for her next wave of public appearances, music videos and all-around using the sextastic to sell her entertainment product. A practice we fully endorse here at Egotastic!

Christina’s new music video, Rebel, calls for her to show off her funbags in all sorts of alluring manner that still meet the YouTube guidelines for family friendly, because you know how the sight of a bare nipple turns children into serial murderers. Still, pokies and some blessedly hot silhouettes and sheer topped teases makes this a video I’d highly recommend you watch, sound on or off, up to you. Just keep those eyes wide open. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Christina Milian “Rebel”

Christina Milian Busting Out Of Her Bra Top While Shopping In LA

Well, I did give you fair warning that Christina Milian was back on her hot body A-game recently. With her new show and new music and a couple years now into MILFhood, Christina is working out and nearly falling out of her bra top cruising the streets of Hollywood. These outfits don’t just happen be accident. Christian looks outstanding and she and her sweet peaches know it. I wish I could tell her in person.

There’s nothing more alluring than a woman who knows what she does to men doing what she does to men. Christina knows very well she’s killing us. That’s half the fun. The other half is busting out of her top. Wow, Christina, I am so very happy you have returned in full hot body force. This is the start of something very special, I can feel it. Let’s clink glasses or other parts to celebrate. Well done. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Christina Milian Chesty Ripe and MILFtastic for Latina

Christina Milian and her boobtastic of glory is back in full force. I don’t know if it’s related to promoting her reality show which has to be one of the best four hundred reality shows on TV, or just a couple years now past baby, but Christina Milian seems to determined to get her heavenly bodily treats back into the discussion of most passion inducing.

Christina’s latest and greatest exhibitionist cleavetastic efforts appear in Latina magazine, where she appears both MILFtastic dainty and funbag fully equipped. Many a man has steered his ship into the shore thinking of Christina Milian in the past. If she’s coming out of her shell once more, expect those rocky shores to be cluttered with spent vessels once more. She really does have a tremendous amount of natural Latina lust inducing skills. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Latina Magazine

Christina Milian Extreme Sideboob (With a Little Glue Gun Action)

I come here both to praise and to lament our dearest belusted hottie Christina Milian. Oh, she had ideas alright. A mostly open jacket top with no bra and her special jugular wonders all bare to any ogler standing at a 45-degree angle or sharper. I think that was intentional. Intentionally so because the sextastic singer and reality show star decided to put some pasties or just shot some goo on her precious headlights for the love of the warm and sticky. In either case, small to moderate boo.

Christina Milian has always been one of our favorites and an avid exhibitionist, so we hold no grudge. I’m glad she’s back in the spotlight flashing her sweet melons and curvy body. I just hope she doesn’t get too many network notes on her skin shows. She really has such a nice track record of visual benevolence. I’d hate to see the business affairs people ruining that. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews/FameFlynet/Splash

Christina Milian Leggy to Busty for Bravo

Christina Milian is truly blooming since announcing her comeback to music by way of reality television show. In 2015, that actually makes sense. I’m not sure Zeppelin did the same when coming out with a new album. But Robert Plant never looked quite as passion inducing as Christina Miilian making her various leggy and busty wardrobe change for appearances on Bravo to win over the gay crowd. Hey, the Milian allure crosses all kinds of artificial boundaries.

Christina Milian has always been one of my secret lust crushes. Not so secret that I haven’t spelled her name in tears on my pillow many nights, yes, those are tears, but enough that I don’t mention how she moves me with the curvaceous MILFtastic body of hers. I suspect in her comeback role we’ll see much more of that. She’s got a lot of tools to work with, it’s time to plug them in. Awesome analogy! You’re welcome. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash/INF/Instagram

Christina Milian Braless In A White Top While Talking A Stroll In NYC

Sexy actress and singer Christina Milian incorporated what I like to think of as the holy trinity, (small t): no bra, a white shirt, and big ol’ boobies. This leads to all kinds of wonderful situations. Namely, that you can see through her shirt to her nips. Christina has got a pretty amazing pair of funbags and I’m pretty sure that she knows she does. Hence the wearing no bra and a white shirt. You don’t do that unless you are fairly confident that you are packing some serious heat under your shirt. She was also sporting a super tight leather skirt which only made the whole package better, that’s because she has an unbelievable thumper. Is this the best outfit to wear in freezing cold NYC, but her willingness to suffer for our ogling pleasure shows that she is a team player.

More ladies should follow her example. It’s good for New York, it’s good for America, and more importantly it’s good for all of us.

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