Candace Bailey

Sextastic Celebrities in Yoga Pants, A Belated Thanksgiving Tribute

I think we drank too much of Granny Winter’s spiked cider last weekend and totally forgot about our thankful tribute to the inventor of the yoga stretch pants bottoms, the now preferred method of casual time dress for so many of our favorite celebrity hotties. But to whatever genius invented these camel toe and butt-cleaving items of apparel, and to whomever made them truly popular among the hot bodied celebrity set, we truly, deeply, and madly give your serious props.

Check out our tribute gallery to yoga stretch pants and our favorite celebrities who wear them in sweet exhibitionist fashion. Enjoy.

Candace Bailey Flashes a Healthy Dose of Skin for Men’s Fitness

We will take Candace Bailey hot pictures any way we can, including in the December edition of Men’s Fitness magazine.

On a plane on a train on a boat or with a goat. Candace Bailey revs our fanboy motors and the chance to see her looking fit and healthy just makes us want to get off the couch, stretch, run to the fridge for a beer, sit back down on the couch, and ogle Candace Bailey for a few more couch potato hours. It’s a vicious circle we desperately embrace. Enjoy.

Candace Bailey Yoga Work Out Will Reverse Your Downward Facing Dog

File this under things that will most definitely make you go ‘damn’.

Attack of the Show hostess and G4 rocking body hottie Candace Bailey did a little on-air yoga demonstration of stretching and straining and limberness that would bring even the most sturdy of gentleman oglers to their shaking knees. I can’t say that I am familiar enough with the ancient art of yoga to name Candace’s various positions, but let’s just shorthand and call them all ‘Climbing Lizard’.

If you don’t experience an enlightening of your groinal region chakra when checking out these Candace Bailey yoga pictures, you need to find more inner lust. Enjoy.