Camille Rowe

Camille Rowe Bra, Panties, Super Good Looks, It’s All There

Camille Rowe happens to be my favorite. I might just let her be my girlfriend in 2015 if she asks nicely and she likes to bowl. In fact, the bowling isn’t necessary, or the nice asking for that matter. We can just stay-in while she berates me for not having a real job. I’m good with that, Camille, provided you lash out at me whilst in your bras and panties. Oh, you do wear them ever so well.

Featured in this pictorial for Next lingerie, Camille Rowe reminds me that one of the finer things to happen in 2014 was her inclusion into the V.S. lineup of silky nothings clad ladies. She really does have one of the female forms that lights me up like no other. And that smile. It makes me want to build a ship of some kind. Maybe just inflate a dinghy. A man needs to realize his limitations even in the face of massive inspiration by way of lust. Camille Rowe, I need so much more of you in 2015. Please, baby, please. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Next

Camille Rowe Topless From Angels By Russell James

Camille Rowe Topless from Angels by Russell James
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The lovely Camille Rowe took some sexy topless pics by Russell James for his Angels photo book. They are in black and white, so you know they are all tasteful and stuff. Camille is pretty seriously hot. Like, more than your usual naked model type person. She looks like no one you see in everyday life unless you are one of the lucky bastards that gets to hang out with models all the time. Her boobies are superlative. You can tell because one of the pics is an extreme closeup of her nipple. It’s one of those slightly upturned pixie nips that look playful yet down for business. She’s also got an incredibly pert and tight bottom. I’d like to smack that butt, however that is how you get put in jail. So, I will have to settle for giving it a sexy slap in my mind. Alas.

I like black and white nudes. It makes me feel like I’m less of just a horndog ogling chicks and more like I’m appreciating art or something.

Camille Rowe Sextastic Showy Underwear Pimping Leaves Me With Sweaty Shorts

Too much information perhaps. But I don’t consider it hyperbole when I state that Camille Rowe may just be the hottest thing in cotton panties since, well, since forever. The French blonde has made a stupendous addition to the Victoria’s Secret stable of hotties ever since her introduction last year. She brings a certain je ne sais quoi to the mix, which I believe is French for absolutely ridiculously hot body and tush.

When Miranda Kerr left the fold I must admit I was a bit concerned for V.S. and their bevy of underwear beauty pimping models. But they redoubled their efforts and their lineup rather impressively, bringing in a half-dozen newer bodies and faces into the panties and bra mix that has only elevated their stature. I expect that of a lingerie company that wants to maintain their presence on my speed dial list. Camille Rowe, you are simply amazing. Keep up the good undies work. Enjoy.

Camille Rowe Smoking Hot Lingerie Pictures Will Free the People and Enslave Your Peen

I really can’t get French hottie model Camille Rowe out of my mind. Not that I’d have any reason to do so. Her blonde sextastic seemingly innocent charms merged with classically light and alluring lingerie just gives me the all over shakes. I don’t know how some of these girls do it, but they manage to take the simplest of settings and turn them into memorable visual wonderments that infect the brain in such powerful fashion.

Featured in the new Free People lingerie shoot, Camille is just devastatingly hot in each and every little silky outfit and pose. I can imagine weeping only were I sitting in such a fashion show as she walked by. My legs turned completely to jelly even as thoughts of racing backstage after her overwhelm my sense. She is to amazingly good looking she ought to come with a warning. Prepare for Engorgement, or something like that but in French so it sounds a bit more sophisticated. Enjoy.

Camille Rowe Lingerie Sextastic Puts the Booty Perfect into The Sales Pitch

I do so love Camille Rowe. I want to nibble every inch of her fine French female form. And now that I’ve seen her showing off that ridiculously hot bare booty of hers in this Victoria’s Secret collection, I know exactly where my repast shall begin. She’s French, she’ll understand.

I was so excited when V.S. first announced Camille would be joining the stable d’ hotties built by a higher power to pimp bras and panties. But seeing Camille now in thongs and little silky tops, I realized I couldn’t even have imagined hot sweet it could be. I’m already on hold with my sales rep Patricia. I’m ordering well beyond my means. But the shame closet needs a whole new look dedicated to Camille Rowe. So damn hot. Enjoy.

Camille Rowe Wicked Hot and So It Goes

I don’t just have a lust crush on Camille Rowe, I want to bear her children for her. In the very least, it would be good cover for the ten pounds of cronuts I put on this past winter. I’m like a damn bear except when I sleep for twenty minutes in somebody’s hammock, they don’t film me and call it cute, they just phone the police and use the word trespassing and emotionally disturbed.

Camille is featured all kinds of French saucy and hot bodied sextastic in So It Goes magazine. I just want to eat her up. Not Dahmer style, more figuratively and lingering nekkid lasting. She continues to be my ideal European vineyard vacation weekend escape fantasy girl. I don’t even like wine, or vineyards, or anything to do with bed and breakfasts where you have to sit with some lady with a mole on her cheek and hear about her antiquing finds, but for Camille, I’d do it all with a smile. Enjoy.

Camille Rowe and Her Lingerie Sort of Covered Uncovered Body Drives Me Absolutely Crazy

The day Victoria’s Secret brought Camille Rowe into their stable of world class lingerie modeling hotties was one of the happier days of my life. I can’t really compare it to the birth of a child or graduation from reform school, but let’s just say it’s between Camille’s signing on to V.S. and the day my local grocery store put Pacifico on permanent club sale that I will remember with the biggest smile in my golden years.

Featured in the latest and greatest from the lingerie make extraordinaire, Camille Rowe shows once again why a super sextastic hottie with no top on is the very best way to sell bras. It’s ironic, I know. But I’m on the phone right now with V.S. asking my sales representative Stephanee with two e’s if she can sell me the bra Camille was formerly wearing before she removed it for the shoot. No, no need to wash it, I’ll take it as-is, right off the shelf. Enjoy.