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Yasmine Colt Pink Bikini Sextastic for Today’s 138 Water Shoot

Venezuelan hottie Yasmine Colt has the complicated decision each morning she awakes in Aruba -- what color bikini shall I wear today? I suppose my job is even easier since I merely ogle Yasmine in whichever color she chooses, which would be perfectly pink for today's bikini body pimping time.

We only met Yasmine but a week ago and I already feel I know everything about her. Her favorite foods, her comfiest clothes to wear on a rainy Sunday, the secret spot on her body that makes her moan lightly that you would never even think to nibble. Okay, I don't know these, but I suppose I could learn quickly were Yasmine and I to somehow be holed up in an Aruban hill top retreat for a month during the rainy season with Yasmine complaining less and less about her manacles as each day passes. Everything I learned about love I learned from Kathy Bates in Misery. Enjoy.

Vida Guerra Bikini Pictures Have Tons of Booty Mojo Still Working

Cuban hottie Vida Guerra has long been known for her luscious curves, and that reputation is going to keep on keeping on, so long as Vida provides bikini body shows as she did in Miami yesterday.

The now 39 year old Latina glamour model still has the top and bottom S-curves working at full bore and maximum lust inducement, at least for any man who admires the booty-side of a sultry looking lady. So, 99.2% of you. It's been a little while since we've seen so much skin from Vida. We'll never say 'well worth the wait' since we hate waiting, but we will say we are all salacious smiles here this morning. Enjoy.

Janice Dickinson Looks Kinda Hot from Far Away; Up Close, Like a Fem-Cyborg Assassin from the Future

What are you going to do, time catches up eventually to all of us, even former supermodels. But Janice Dickinson was not going to go quietly into that goodnight hot body. No, the 57-year old 70's and 80's supermodel, now talent agent, went all kinds of Evil Queen in the Snow White tales and has decided she will not age, by hook, or by crook, or by scalpel, or injection.

The results from faraway are spectacular, a woman with big curves, cleave, bouncing along the beach in a bikini like a young lady. Up close, it's Terminator. I mean, like Robert Patrick, after the shotgun blasts and fiery explosions, Terminator.

So quint hard, and enjoy.