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Johanna Pulkkinen for A Finnish Reminder That Big Brother Is So Much Better Overseas

Johanna Pulkkinen from Big Brother Finland Nekkid in the Shower Screencaps
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Not to beat a dead horse with a hot Finn, but sometimes we like to go to the well over and over again when that trip involves seeing some of the nekkid awesomeness that occurs on the overseas editions of some of the reality shows we’d always imagined would be so much better if they just showed a little more skin. And, in Finland, among other places, they already do.

Take for instance, Johanna Pulkkinen, contestant in the latest edition of Big Brother Finland. Just wicked showery nekkid hot. Hey, I  don’t care if you’re in a frat house or the Big Brother House, at some point, you’ve got to rinses yourself off. And if you happen to be a sexy reality show contestant, I want to see that. To deny us that view is to deny the very hottest potential premise of your show, Big Brother U.S. producers! Well, my rant is done. Back to watching Johanna drop the soap. Enjoy.

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Lacey Banghard Lets the Big Brother Door Hit Her Where the Good Lord Split Her

Lacey Banghard on Big Brother UK for Screencaps
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I’m still not quite clear on the rules of Big Brother U.K., except for the fact they seem to really like to kick the hot, topless glamour models out of their house as quickly as possible. Of course, this makes little sense to us. We can’t imagine ever telling a super boobtastic hottie like Lacey Banghard to leave our house. In fact, she’d have trouble getting through the various locks and wood beams and crow bars we’d set up to prevent her departure. But, such is the nature of reality shows and their audience.

However, before Lacey Banghard goes not gentle into the goodnight from the Big Brother house, take a look at a gallery of some of her finer, including topless glorious moments on the silly show. Enjoy.

A Tribute to Micaela Schaefer Nekkid in the Big Brother Shower for Mammarial Mondays

Micaela Schaefer Nekkid Shower Scene from Big Brother
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We’ve driven this home many times before, and, yet, never enough. reality shows are so much better in foreign lands. And as Exhibit DD, we present more from the delightful nekkid visuals of German model Micaela Schaefer truly digging the Big Brother house shower.

Now, Big Brother is a show that essentially is designed around the fact that we like to spy on people, and when it comes to women, we really just want to spy on them in their bedrooms and showers. So when the opportunity arises, as it invariably does, to capture super sextastic models soaping and rinsing all over as Micaela Schaefer so graciously did on this foreign edition of the show, well, we must hand out a virtual Emmy in the category of Best Actress in a Faptastic Series. Enjoy.

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Rhian Sugden Booted Out of the Big Brother House (Are You Crazy, U.K.?)

I can barely bring myself to watch any reality programming these days, outside the reality of sports, which, for the record, remains the best form of reality TV, but when I finally fall in love with a little U.K. Big Brother, they go and kick the super sextastic blonde hottie Rhian Sugden out of their house.

Who the heck kicks Rhian Sugden out of their house? I’m currently hiding in the bushes outside of my place hoping she’ll walk by and notice the carrot I have placed beneath a precariously placed wooden crate. She will be mine! Enjoy.

Micaela Schaefer Shows Once Again Why Big Brother Is More than Watchable Abroad

Micaela Schaefer Takes a Shower on Big Brother Germany
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One of our tireless rants, or getting tired rants, is about how reality shows like Big Brother, actually kind of genius in concept, actually become more than watchable when they contain hot girls getting nekkid, as is the case in many countries not named the U.S.. Why Americans don’t let the boobs on the boob tube, I will never care to know.

But, let us rejoice in Deutschland Big Brother, where one of our very favorite sextastic models and boobtastic barers Micaela Schaefer went for the gold in the reality show, put up her hair, and went bare-body nekkid into the showers, to clean herself and to make us feel dirty. The perfect symbiosis of nature. I’m not sure Micaela actually won the show, but she did in fact steal the loins of my heart (or that might be heart of my loins). Enjoy.

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Amy Childs Reveals a Bit of Her Personalities in Reveal Magazine

Amy Childs, The TOWIE reality star turned current Celebrity Big Brother contestant (is that a raise, by the way, or a lateral move in the reality world?) shares a bit of her personality in Reveal magazine, and, more importantly to us, a bit of the legs and cleavage that made us lust-filled fans of the sexy red in the first place. It’s hard to say what the reality star limit is for Amy Childs, but with a body like that, wow, we could be talking Survivor or Apprentice. Such an odd industry. Enjoy.

Maria Melilo Topless Pictures Punch Her Sweet Ticket for the Octagon



Look out Arianny Celeste, there’s a new girl in town. Well, not your town, but down Rio way, sexy model and recent winner of Big Brother Brazil, Maria Melilo, now set to enter the Octagon as a UFC ring girl later this summer when the MMA giant takes their big show down to the home country of so many fighting legends and training masters. And, yes, the fights themselves will be awesome, but so will be leering at the sextastic form of Maria Melilo who honored the upcoming sporting occasion by sporting no clothes for Playboy Brazil in a forecast of all things hot and sultry come this August 27. Now, that’s the appropriate form of event promotion. Enjoy.