Big Brother Posts:

A Tribute to Micaela Schaefer Nekkid in the Big Brother Shower for Mammarial Mondays


We've driven this home many times before, and, yet, never enough. reality shows are so much better in foreign lands. And as Exhibit DD, we present more from the delightful nekkid visuals of German model Micaela Schaefer truly digging the Big Brother house shower.

Now, Big Brother is a show that essentially is designed around the fact that we like to spy on people, and when it comes to women, we really just want to spy on them in their bedrooms and showers. So when the opportunity arises, as it invariably does, to capture super sextastic models soaping and rinsing all over as Micaela Schaefer so graciously did on this foreign edition of the show, well, we must hand out a virtual Emmy in the category of Best Actress in a Faptastic Series. Enjoy.

Amy Childs Reveals a Bit of Her Personalities in Reveal Magazine

Amy Childs, The TOWIE reality star turned current Celebrity Big Brother contestant (is that a raise, by the way, or a lateral move in the reality world?) shares a bit of her personality in Reveal magazine, and, more importantly to us, a bit of the legs and cleavage that made us lust-filled fans of the sexy red in the first place. It's hard to say what the reality star limit is for Amy Childs, but with a body like that, wow, we could be talking Survivor or Apprentice. Such an odd industry. Enjoy.

Maria Melilo Topless Pictures Punch Her Sweet Ticket for the Octagon



Look out Arianny Celeste, there's a new girl in town. Well, not your town, but down Rio way, sexy model and recent winner of Big Brother Brazil, Maria Melilo, now set to enter the Octagon as a UFC ring girl later this summer when the MMA giant takes their big show down to the home country of so many fighting legends and training masters. And, yes, the fights themselves will be awesome, but so will be leering at the sextastic form of Maria Melilo who honored the upcoming sporting occasion by sporting no clothes for Playboy Brazil in a forecast of all things hot and sultry come this August 27. Now, that's the appropriate form of event promotion. Enjoy.

Thank God It’s Funbags (TGIF): Rocio Gancedo Provides a Third Dimension of Boobtastic in Maxim



She's back, and bigger and better and nekkider than ever, and, now, in 3-D!

Rocio Gancedo, noteworthy hottie of Big Brother Argentina who we featured a couple three months back for her outstanding assets, well, she's back in her homeland Maxim and she's looking all kinds of Tres-Dimensional. That's right, it's time to don the 3-D specs once more to inspect the boobtastic of this sultry Latina TV thang. It's like her boobtastic is coming right at you! Enjoy.

Diana Balsini Proves Once Again Why ‘Big Brother’ Is So Much Better Overseas



Well, not just Big Brother, which is really quite the worthy watching show in most foreign lands due to the hot often nekkidness of the female celebrity contestants, but also the magazines in those countries that always get sexy photos from the Big Brother contestants, not the least of which is the aptly named Sexy magazine from Brazil which this month features Diana Balsini, of Big Brother Brazil, looking all kinds of even hotter than she does on the show. While U.S. reality shows continue to feature good looking female celebs, they never feature them sans clothing, thus, they become shows primarily for the fairer sex. By adding in a bit of the uncensored sexy madness, suddenly, you've got yourself a show worth watching. And, in Diana Balsini, a contestant worth ogling. Enjoy.

Constanza Alvarez Topless Pictures Bring the Sexy from South America


Proving once again that Big Brother anywhere outside the U.S. kicks superior sextastic butt, sultry, sexy Sudamaericana model and dancer Constanza Alvarez of Big Brother Argentina took it off, way off, to reveal extra layers of hotness for the March edition of Hombre magazine. This ridiculously hot Samba dancer has me counting my airline miles until I reach the mark for a free ticket to Buenos Aires. Granted, on Southwest Airlines, this could mean up to seventeen stops, including aircraft changes in Kansas City and the ancient Mayan city of Uxmal, still, I shall abide if it means hotness the likes of Constanza Alvarez at the end of my journey. Enjoy.

Rocio Gancedo Playboy Pictures Prove Why Big Brother Is So Much Better Overseas


You probably stopped watching Big Brother in the U.S. a long time ago, if at all, I don't blame you. But, Big Brother is so much better overseas, in like every other country where it airs and exhibits the local national celebrity hotties in far more glorious nekkid and topless splendor. Also, the Big Brother participants love to go out and do full on sextastic spreads for their country's editions of magazines such as Playboy, like these Rocio Gancedo pictures in this month's Playboy Argentina, where the Big Brother cast member bares it all for the glory and honor of her Sudamericana nation. And, well, suddenly, this whole voyeuristic TV show theme becomes wonderful again. Enjoy.

Oh, by the way, other things you may see on foreign editions of Big Brother -- boobage licking -- yep. Check out this clip from Big Brother Mexico with a cast member known as La Britni. Now that's just good television.