Bella da Semana Posts:

Helga Lovekaty Topless Russian Bedroom Goodness By Way of Brazil (It All Makes Sense)


I don't normally eqauate crazy hot models from Russia with hotties of the week pictorials in Brazil. But now I do. And I don't think I shall ever stop.

The deliciously named and ridiculously smoking hot boded Helga Lovekaty appears in all sorts of splendid poses in Bella da Semana from down Brazil way, showing off her just perfectly alluring tops and bottoms and all over as she moves on to various stages of undress. As I perused her photos and saw her bare-midriff and panties clad I thought to myself, man, this can't get any better. Then it did. I love when that happens. It's like a bit of boobtastic manna from above.

Helga, I can't believe you and I have yet to meet so that I might properly drool on your shoes while you kick me in the nuts and tell me to call you when I grow up. Pleasure is pain. Enjoy.

Suzana Kviatkoski Topless Hotness from Brazil for Your Mammarial Monday Ogling Pleasure


On the off chance you happen to completely dig hot Brazilian models with absolutely perfect bodies and really not any clothes, on this Mammarial Monday I present to you Suzana Kviatkoski, just one World Cup trophy worth of sextastic female delights from Bella da Semana.

Suazana reminds us of many things including how thankful we are to experience the treats of women through all eight or so of our senses, not to mention how much many of us miss tanlines on the sextastic ladies. But, mostly Suzana represents the hope of mankind. Or, more specifically, that somebody as ridiculously hot as Suzana will be kind to this here man. Without dreams, we are dreamless. Something like that. Suzana, call me, I will absolutely learn Portuguese before I meet your parents. Enjoy.

Thank God It’s Funbags! Manu Junkes Drop Dead Bare Topless Hotness from Brazil to Your Lower Hearts


Oh, blessed end of the week, and a holiday weekend upcoming to boot. Don't be hating on Easter as it is the season of girls in cute outfits and all things cute and fuzzy and edible. Oh, the hams that will be squeezed this weekend. Yes, I do love a Good Friday. Bolstered this week by the diabolically hot blonde looks of Brazilian model Manu Junkes who delivers a knockout blow of the bare boobtastic as Bella da Semana girl in her home nation which must be mighty proud.

On Fridays, we celebrate all that is round and worthwhile in this world. Manu's perfectly plump happy campers make me feel like blowing a horn and throwing confetti. Though that's not a horn, nor is that other thing confetti. But substitutions are perfectly acceptable on a Friday. Thank God It's Funbags!

Thank God It’s Funbags! Micheli Burate Provides the Brazilian Goddess Topless Goods To Set Your Sails


Daddy always said, if you're going to wrap up anything, why not wrap it up with a crazy boobtastic Brazilian model all kinds of nekkid and bent over various props. Everybody had a different kind of dad. So why not wrap up this week with a look at the feminine wiles of Micheli Burate posing down and up and sideways something fierce for Bella da Semana, hottie of the week, down Rio way.

Each Friday we try to put a bookend on your worked up feelings about seeing so many beautiful barely-clothed sextastic members of the fairer sex. We do so by showing you even more of them, which doesn't logically make sense, but it is certainly the funnest type of cure. Today, some epic peeks at the fine peaks of Micheli Burate. It certainly can't hurt. Thank God It's Funbags!

Nayara Koehler Topless Brazilian Beauty Just Because I Love Topless Brazilian Beauties


Res ipsa loquitur. Sometimes the hotness just speaks for itself. Like the splendid case of Nayara Koehler, a Brazilian model from... well, Brazil, who happens to be rightfully featured in Bella da Semana because she's simply too hot bodied not to be featured somewhere. I really must mark her down on my list of special places to visit if I ever get my act together for the World Cup trip I'm only 84% away from funding.

Maybe she'd put me up at her place. I wouldn't even need to watch any matches then. Just stare into Nayara's wicked hot body and beg her to let me play midfielder. Oh, the dreams that do come from leering at a crazy hot woman with almost no clothes on. It's better than sports. I can't believe I just said that. But it's true! Enjoy.

Thank God It’s Funbags! Ellen Sapori Topless Boudoir Shoot Will Toast Your Mellows


Why not go a little South of the Border down Brazil way for a celebration of end of the week glorious globes? That's a rhetorical question, because we already done did with Bella da Semana hottie model Ellen Sapori who is just stellar sextastic in this boudoir striptease photoshoot. If you can't fall in lust with Ellen, you need to get your lust meter checked for faulty parts.

On Fridays we give thanks to all that is circular as in neverending givers of happy happy smile times. The sweet deep melon treats on the most beautiful women in the world. What could possibly be better? Seriously, are you watching CNN? Thank God It's Funbags!

Niege Menegat Topless Supreme Blondie Brazilian Hotness for Mammarial Monday


We've had so much love, luck, and lust in our deep search of the Brazilian landscape for celebrity model hotness. Often helped by friends from down Rio way like EgoReader 'Domino' who put the lovely unclothed lass Niege Menegat in front of our grills and demanded we pay attention. As if he had to demand. We are paying attention to her deliciously sextastic crawling, prancing, and prenning quite nekkid photos from her Bella da Semana photo shoot.

On Mondays, we celebrate the start of the boobtastic week ahead. Five days of hard-efforted sweet hot skin. I can honestly say it's a labor of love. Enjoy.