Beach Bunny Swimwear

Nina Agdal Bikini Perfection for Beach Bunny

Our Danish Delight simply can’t be stopped when it comes to booking her body for bikini and lingerie gigs. Nina Agdal would be my go to for such a shoot, or just to share the opposite end of a string of spaghetti with until we slurped our way to the middle of the noodle for a kiss. Corny? Maybe. But such are the feelings of romantic to borderline perverted obsession with such a sextastic model who shows off her front side, backside, and all the good sides in between in her new Beach Bunny catalog shoot.

Ever since the day we met Nina Agdal, life has become that much more cheery. A good woman will do that for you, forsake her not. In the least, never stop leering. Enjoy.

Irina Shayk Bikini Pictures for Beach Bunny Pimping Time

The marketing geniuses at Beach Bunny swimwear have delved deep into their singular bag of trickery once more, pulling forth Irina Shayk all sultry and hot in their bikinis for catalog sales through the roof.

You could literally sell any product by having Irina Shayk pose in a bikini, but I suppose selling actual bikinis makes the most sense. But don’t tell me you’re not coming to my kids lemonade stand first if Irina is there posing in her two piece and pushing glasses of sugar-water beverage for $1. If I was running for office, I’d say, sure I could tell you my policy positions, but how about instead I just show you Irina Shayk bending over in her bikini. Election day landslide. She’s that hot. Enjoy.

Carmen Ortega Bikini Pictures Purple with Passion Inducing Curves

I’ve decided not to get to the bottom of this supposed scandal involving Carmen Ortega and LeBron James getting jiggy with it. It just seems like too much work and something too close to real journalism. Yuck. I’d rather just continue my policy of gawking at the ridiculously fine and soft luscious female form of Carmen Ortega in her various revealing wardrobe incarnations.

In her latest work, Carmen and her never-ending body of happiness were promoting bikinis by the good folks at Beach Bunny, who love to put a little bling into their two piece designs, I suppose in case you’re stranded in a foreign locale and you need a little universal currency to get yourself rescued. As if just having a bodacious body like Carmen Ortega wouldn’t be enough of a universal currency. But nothing wrong with a little gold too.

Carmen Ortega, you make me a very happy man, well, happy to be a man. Enjoy.

Irina Shayk Crazy Sextastic Bikini Pimping for Beach Bunny

That ever so simple formula again. Get Irina Shayk to model your bikinis. Sell your bikinis. The good two piece swimsuit selling folks at Beach Bunny figured this out a long time ago. Put the sultry sextastic Russian model in your little things, get her all tan and air blown by the way, and let her do her thing. Or, more aptly, let the people leering at her do their thing.

Irina Shayk is so hot if she were your aunt and she sent you socks every year for Christmas, she’d still be your favorite aunt by a mile. That’s the raw power of just looking ridiculously hot. Enjoy.

Chrissy Teigen Wedding Bell Bikinis for Beach Bunny

Anything Chrissy Teigen I’m completely down with. I could watch Chrissy Teigen spooning melted chocolate into her mouth and be a happy man. In fact, I’d pay a little for that scene. But could I be so much of a Chrissy Teigen fan that I could even delight in a view of her pimping my most feared social rite of marriage? Oh, man, that is such a close call.

Chrissy is the latest in the line of super sextastic women to don the wedding bikini look for Beach Bunny swimwear. I’m not exactly sure what the sales angle is here, that women will see these bikinis and imagine wearing them on their honeymoon, or more practically perhaps imagine if they look like Chrissy Teigen they will have absolutely no trouble finding a husband. I can’t really get into the mind of women, it’s a minefield no man can maneuver. Suffice it to say, Chrissy Teigen makes the idea of taking a bride far more appealing. Enjoy.

Irina Shayk Bikini Pictures Stellar Hot for Beach Bunny

Irina Shayk, just, wow. I don’t know how she continues to top herself, like a giant in a field of sports who you’re certain can’t do any better, then they do, and you remember why you idolize them so.

Well, I idolize Irina Shayk. How does she keep outdoing herself? In this latest and greatest, Irina pimps the ever-loving sextastic out of bikinis for Beach Bunny Swimwear.

Hire Irina Shayk to model your clothes, sell tons of clothes, get called a genius. We know the formula. And it works, better now than ever before. Enjoy.

Xenia Deli Bikini Pictures Pet the Fur on Your Beach Bunny

We rightfully still maintain that brunette hottie swimsuit and lingerie model Xenia Deli is the hottest thing to come out of Moldova since, well, since forever. For further proof, examine her super fine body and all over alluring looks in her latest pictorial for Beach Bunny Swimwear, where the sultry and passion-inducing Deli drops a serious amount of ‘buy me now’ attitude.

Oh, yes, we would pay, and pay through the nose, just for the chance to be the guy who adjusts Xenia’s bikini straps during the shoot. Let alone the guy who gets to rub on the instant tan. Our hearts race with the possibilities. Such as it should be when virtually molesting extremely attractive women. Enjoy.