Batman: Arkham Knight

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Bumped Back to June 23

Batman- Arkham Knight Delay

What? A big ol’ blockbuster game being delayed? Not in our effing lifetimes.

Except, of course, this is the way of the gaming world. Grand Theft Auto V is the highest-profile example of late, what with the PC release and heists having been trapped in delay limbo up Satan’s asshole since freaking forever. How many different release dates has the PC edition had? Too damn many, that’s how many.

Our ol’ buddy Bruce’s latest, Batman: Arkham Knight, is going the same way, slipping another almost-month behind schedule to June 23. Let’s just hope Rocksteady are spending the extra weeks wisely, adding shit-tastic George Clooney era nipples to the Batsuit or something.

But then this isn’t really something to bitch about. Not like it used to be. Lately, several games have emerged as steaming heaps of buggy BS on day one, and it’s really not worth it. When developers say they need the extra time to make the game as good as possible, and it’ll all pay off (which they always freaking say), we should take them at their word.

Wait a little longer and actually have a quality finished product that works, or pick up a broken mess that’d need a patch the size of Albuquerque to be playable come launch day? I think I’ll take that first one.

Via Kotaku.

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ and the Mystery of the ‘M’ Rating

Batman- Arkham Knight Mature

I don’t know if you noticed, but our ol’ buddy Bruce has come of age. Batman: Arkham Knight is the first slice of Arkhamtastic to be given a Mature rating. But what does this mean for the game?

Maybe it’s a Grand Theft Auto: Gotham sort of deal, seeing the Bat delivering shady packages of drugs in the Batmobile and trying to convince Trevor to stop being such a crazy, crazy asshole all the time. But it’s unlikely, as the gameplay and trailers we’ve seen thus far haven’t featured him hanging with Franklin at the strip club.

So what’s suddenly making Arkham Knight more ‘adult’ than previous installments? We haven’t seen enough of the big picture to know, as it won’t arrive until June 2. But fret not, because the ratings board is here to tell us why we should ban this sick filth now.

‘According to the ESRB,’
quoth Destructoid, ‘Arkham Knight features combat where enemies “cry out in pain,” with “slow-motion impacts,” “tank-like vehicles with machine gun turrets,” and “[vehicle] wheel torture.” Enemies are also shot off-screen, blood is a thing, one character is tortured on a bloody operating table, there are neon signs stating “XXX,” and curse words are used.’

As the ‘toid’s own Chris Carter states, that sounds just like par for the Arkham course for the most part. But wait! Holy bloody operating table torture, Batman! How much darker is the Dark Knight going to get this time around? You’ll have to stay tuned as the release approaches.

Latest ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Trailer Gets its Crazy Supervillain Grab Bag On

Batman Arkham Knight

Arkham fans will know that the plots of these things go one of two ways: a smaller, elite band of villains want to kill you in the face (Arkham Asylum), or a huge, eff-off, just-about-everyone-ever band of villains wants to kill you in the face (Arkham City). Batman: Arkham Knight? That’ll be the second one.

We’re playing with the big boys here, gentlemen. All of them. It’s a who’s who of Gotham crazies. The Riddler, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Penguin, Harley Quinn, Two Face… you almost expect Arnold Schwarzenegger to wander into shot and fire a couple of his ballachingly bad Mr Freeze one-liners at us (in case you were wondering, my personal favorite is ‘what killed the dinosaurs? The Ice Age!’).

All we’re really missing is the Joker. And after City, we can probably excuse him for sitting this one out. Otherwise, this is a star-studded event all round. The whole ‘bad dudes unite to kill Batman’ thing didn’t work out so well in the last game, but there’s no harm in taking another shot at it. This time, Scarecrow is trying to unite his buddies against ol’ Bruce, which is more than enough reason for another slice of Arkhamtastic.

Check out the latest trailer below. It also showcases the much more vicious combat, the fancy-ass new tricks the Batmobile can do and the more extensive, free-roamy Gotham City; supposedly the biggest playground the series has brought us yet. And the ‘mature’ rating, also a first. Our little Bat is all grown up.

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Gameplay- An Explosion or Ten at Ace Chemicals

Megalomaniacal crazy bastards just can’t get the staff these days. Scarecrow gave these dudes one job: keep him away from Ace Chemicals. Those orders sound simple enough to me; it’s not like trying to construct an IKEA cabinet, drunk, while squinting at the Swahili side of the instructions.

But there must have been a communication breakdown somewhere here. What’s our ol’ buddy Bruce up to in this gameplay? Punching faces and gonads in Ace Chemicals, that’s what.

In this brief clip, we see some of Batman: Arkham Knight’s new additions to the series. First up, there’s the heightened focus on using the environment to your advantage against the goons. The whole thrusting-henchman-face-into-electrocutey-high-voltage-box thing, and that business with the light fitting, is the kind of resourcefulness that any Boy Scout with anger issues would be proud of.

On top of that, there’s an extra dose of explosive Batmobile action. Remember, it can morph into some kind of crazy-ass tank thing now. Check it out after the jump.

Fight a Giant Freakin’ Scarecrow in ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ (On PS4)

We’ve seen some crazy effin’ crazy from Batman: Arkham Knight thus far. Once the Batmobile morphed into a deathly-death tank OF DEATH, all bets were off and we had to go and lie down awhile. But hold on to your butts, because we aren’t finished yet.

Earlier in the Arkham series, Scarecrow brought us some creepy, trippy, what-the-balls-y moments, which were lamentably missing from the last game. But as we know, you can’t keep a mad bastard away from his crazy-drugs for long. Rejoice, PS4 owners, you’re all set for another dose of Scarecrow.

As Destructoid reports, Sony have announced some console-exclusive content for Arkham Knight. It revolves around another attack from the ‘crow’s Fear Toxin, which has transformed Gotham into ‘a twisted, hellish nightmare’ for the inhabitants. What does this mean? Giant supervillains and their army of the undead, that’s what.

The Scarecrow Nightmare Pack sounds even worse than an average day for our Bat-tastic buddy, which is saying a whole freaking lot. Now, why in the name of Satan’s scrote can’t it make its way to everybody?

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Delays the Bat-tastic Until 2015

What the balls? You can’t promise us another bucket-load of Arkham action and a free-roamy Gotham, and then give us the middle finger with this whole ‘delay’ business.

Well, sure, you can and you have, but our ol’ buddy Bruce doesn’t approve. He was so ready to kick some criminal colon in 2014. He’d just polished the Batsuit and affixed some new weird nipples to it, like George Clooney had to wear as Batman, only to hear he’s getting the rest of the gaming year off.

Why? Because awesome takes time, that’s why. Rocksteady’s Dax Ginn has the usual PR-tastic prattle for us on the subject, as Kotaku reported yesterday. He explained that:
“Batman: Arkham Knight is totally awesome… the thing about awesome, though, is awesome takes time. And totally awesome takes a lot of time. So in collaboration with our colleagues at Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and DC Comics, we have decided to extend the development time of Batman: Arkham Knight.”

In short, you can have plain ol’ regular awesome this year, or you can have awesome effin’ awesome next year. It’s a no-brainer, really.

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Trailer-y Action? Don’t Mind If We Do (VIDEO)

Batman Arkham Knight 2
Gotham has never looked so good.

Who’s up for another slice of Arkhamtastic?

Everybody, that’s who. Arkham is the series that renewed the world’s faith in licensed and/or superhero games (to avert death-by-nerd: yes, we know Batman isn’t a ‘superhero’). The stellar Batman: Arkham Asylum made us feel like our ol’ buddy Bruce for the first time, and it was great stuff all around.

In March, the fourth installment was briefly announced. True, we only heard about ten damn words about it, but nine of them were free-roam around Gotham City like a badass vigilante mofo, and that was all we needed to know.

Two months later, Rocksteady have finally allowed us to suckle at their info-teats a little. Behold the first gameplay of Batman: Arkham Knight. Dramatic business it is too, with the Scarecrow back in Gotham and gathering the Rogues Gallery and all. There’s a big effing rainstorm, a Batmobile and the kind of rusty-claws-making-sparks-on-metal-surfaces action we haven’t seen since A Nightmare On Elm Street.