Bare Necessities

Nina Agdal Barely Covered in Bare Necessities Lingerie

Well, hello there, Danish Delight Nina Agdal in hardly any clothing. Maybe some little bits of Bare Necessities lingerie, barely enough to keep me from my regular routine of heavy panting, flop sweat, and imagining what it would be like to makeout with Nina on the Carlsberg Brewery Tour. As an example.

The born to model Scandinavian sextastic is merely the perfect vessel to display your panties and bras for sale. The skimpier and sheerer the better. If you don’t think I’d empty my bank account just for the samples worn by Nina in this shoot, then you don’t know me well enough. You too? Great, this is why we are the world’s largest dysfunctional family. Enjoy.

Xenia Deli Lingerie Pictures for the Bare Necessities of Female Good Lookingness

Our very favorite Moldovan hottie Xenia Deli is staking her own claim, and her own booty, to the title of lingerie queen, offering up a front and backside visual wonderment for Bare Necessities.

It’s not just that Xenia Deli has a flawless body built for pimping little silky things, it’s that she does so with that little askance look that lets you know that she knows you’re checking out her bum. I do so love that look. Especially since that’s exactly what I’m doing at the moment. At least I’m honest. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal Lingerie Pictures Cut Another Notch In Her Rise to Stardom Bedpost

As you know, we have predicted 2012 to be the year of the Rising Agdal, namely, ridiculously hot Danish wonderment, Nina Agdal, and her climb toward sextastic super stardom in the modeling and celebrity circuits. Now, we had a little scare last month when rumors surfaced about Nina Agdal being the next super hot model beard for Joe Jonas, but those rumors were quickly proven false, our heart rates climbed back below 150 bps, and we were able to once again admire the Agdal-awesomeness from the blessed calm of our La-Z-Boy recliner.

Nina’s latest Bare Necessities lingerie shoot is just another wicked hot notch on her resume toward super stardom; a pedigree of photos so uber-hot, they almost make us think it’s okay for women to wear underthings, albeit lingerie is objectively just another obstacle on the way toward bare-ass nekkid destiny. When we lust a woman in her extra under-layers, that’s how we know we are truly head over loins gonzo for a girl. Enjoy.

Why Is Nina Agdal Going to Be Huger Than Huge? Just Look at the Lingerie Pictorial Evidence

End of last year we predicted that Nina Agdal would be huger than huge in 2012, a breakout year akin to Kate Upton, and with her superior pictorial in this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, she was off to a rocking hot body start. 

Nina Agdal isn’t just hot, like Kate Upton for comparison’s sake, she’s super hot and her body is literally to die for (that does mean I’d kill each and every one of you for the chance to sleep with her, it’s not polite, but it’s honest). In these superiorly sextastic additions to her latest Bare Necessities lingerie photoshoot we brought you previously you can surely see that the foundations of Nina’s future success. And, yes, by foundations, we do mean butt and chest and body and sweet hot looks. Hey, it’s the most important building block of all.

Nina Agdal is on the cusp of greatness and it’s making us feel all tingly here. Enjoy.

Kate Upton (Covered) Topless Photoshoot Shows Off Her Barest of Necessities

As we get closer to Q4 of 2011, we start reflecting on the year that was in celebrity hotness, and do not think the massive emergency of Kate Upton and her massive milkers will not have her name and imagery tossed around quite a bit in these discussions. It’s been a breakout year for the boobtastic hot blonde who broke big time back in February in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition and whose run of just looking ridiculously hot continues in her Bare Necessities lingerie photoshoot looking definitely sextastic in barely anything. Now just awaiting some outtakes from when her bra-hands got tired and dropped momentarily. (I know you’re out there, outtakes.) Enjoy.

Viewer Warning: Brooklyn Decker Lingerie Pictures May Induce the Sticky Icky

Brooklyn Decker is like a supernova in the sextastic universe, exploding in a burst of hot bodied mega-Newtonian ray that nerds in isolated towers millions of light years away will spot and fap themselves to death. At least, that’s what I would do. These Brooklyn Decker lingerie pictures for Bare Necessities really provides a Part Deux of ridiculously sexy pictures for the SI Swimsuit star who we got to see topless yesterday, but today, get to shine an ogle light on her hot body and a buttockal region that I literally would walk over hot coals and over-nuked 7-Eleven bean burritos to just get a chance to see the outline of, let alone slather in SPF-Egotastic!. I’m breathless. Enjoy.

Kate Upton Bra and Panties Pictures Bring the Bare Necessities to Life

Kate Upton continues her jet pack climb toward sextastic heights with these simple, but simply hot Bare Necessities lingerie pictures that hav me wondering if I need to add a little BN edition silky things to my surprisingly creepy male collection of sexy lingerie pimped by celebrities. I mean, any woman can wear a bra and panties, albeit, there’s always hope they won’t, but making them look eye-popping for male oglers, that’s an art. An art the blonde wonderment known as Kate Upton has clearly perfected. We knew she could pimp the bikini in cleavetastic perfection; now, lingerie. Inevitably the next step is birthday suits and I literally can not wait. Enjoy.