Banana Moon Swimwear

Yes, Nina Agdal, You May Be My Girlfriend

Holy hot Danish Delight. Every time you think Nina Agdal couldn’t possibly get any hotter, blammo, there she is, appearing finer than ever in these outtakes from her Banana Moon swimwear bikini photoshoot. Banana Moon certainly seems an apt description for my feelings peeking at Nina and her absolutely perfect hot body in these various skimpy two piece swimsuits. Damn, I need to write a poem or eat some chili or something to properly express my feelings about Nina.

At this point, there may be no finer bikini model on the planet than Nina Agdal. I couldn’t be happier for her rise to super fame. Hot girls deserve everything they get in this world for what they give back, even when they’re not really trying. But the girls who spent their formative years showing off their formatives, they deserve even more. Bless you, Nina Agdal. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal Wicked Bikini Hot in Banana Moon Outtakes

Oh, sure, there’s a crude joke in there somewhere about a swimwear brand named Banana Moon and the effect seeing Nina Agdal has on me when she models their bikinis. But I’m not going for that low hanging fruit. Not on a day when we have outtakes to ogle. Blessed outtakes from her photoshoot for the clothing line that invariably are much hotter than the actual published photos.

Did you not think Nina Agdal could get even more sextastic in a swimsuit. Well, she can. She did. She does. Her heavenly Danish Delightful body every so barely clad in perfectly fitting two pieces covering the two areas of her body we remain determined to see fully uncovered one day soon. It’s almost too much. But, then, too much is never enough when it comes to Nina. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal Sweet Melons Shine for Banana Moon Swimwear (VIDEO)

Nina Agdal just makes everything better. Lingerie, swimsuits, no clothes, everything is hotter when you insert one ridiculously sextastic Danish model.

Featured in the new Banana Moon swimwear line for Spring Summer 2013, Nina shows why a hot girl, a bikini, and a slight head tilt can really turn your upside down smile into a thirty minute session locked in the bathroom for a voyage of self-discovery. Just one sweet treat that Nina.

We’re so glad she came into our collective lives. Enjoy.

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