Backdoor Teen Mom

Farrah Abraham Part 2: Backdoor and More in an Exclusive Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Part 2 of Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Screencaps
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I know what you’re thinking. Boy, that Backdoor Teen Mom sure was groovy family-friendly entertainment. I only wish there was more. Well, you my ferociously fapping friend are in luck! For today we have a sneak peek at the Farrah Abraham adult film sequel, Farrah 2: Backdoor and More, which is an assemblage of previously unseen and rather naughty clips from her first go-round.

Our good friends at Vivid have sneaked us an exclusive peek at Farrah in her banging swing work. The actual film itself is available on Vivid at midnight tonight — 2/12/14. Sort of like going to see The Hobbit midnight premiere, if the Hobbits had big funbags and were getting desolated by James Deen. Hey, that could happen. Enjoy.

(The good folks at WWTDD should have more Farrah 2 Backdoor and More photos up as well.)

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2 Random Minutes With Backdoor Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham (VIDEO)

What's On Farrah's Mind?

If you saw my bucket list, it might quite surprise you. Forget things like climbing Kilimanjaro and traversing Greenland and even going into space, the things I love are meeting the girls we cover, or uncover, and nobody has been covered and uncovered this past week quite as much Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham.

So, we did an interview. It was fun. A little something I like to call 2 Random Minutes With. Just Farrah. Not me. Much better.

See Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah AbrahamAnd, while you’re at it. It’s time to see the full, unedited Backdoor Teen Mom video. I have many comments about the tape, but as a pure adult bit of entertainment, scenically, it’s definitely right up there. And, let’s be honest, you will not see celebrity backdoor but maybe once or twice in your lifetime, if you live long enough.

You can get Farrah Abraham Backdoor Teen Mom and all other celebrity sex tapes to watch for just a few shekels. Do it now. It’s better than your next sandwich. Enjoy.

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Topless Sextape Screencaps Part Deux

More Topless Screencaps from Farrah Abraham Sex Tape
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Well, we had to dig a little deeper into our preview of the highly anticipated MTV Teen Mom alum sex tape from Farrah Abraham and co-star porn star James Deen. Specifically, a few more preview looks at Farrah Abraham in this family-sanctioned adult entertainment endeavor, or at least at her body as you will find it onscreen when you do hit the play button.

While there has clearly been some work done on the front side of the Teen Mom, we must say she keeps herself in pretty good shape. I suppose bearing your children in high school lends itself to a quicker bodily recovery time, though not something we are suggesting for the teen girls of our nation to consider as a net positive. What we do know is that Farrah likes to smile during the making of her adult films. I suppose I’d be smiling too if Jenna Jameson or Sasha Grey were about to mount me, provided I was fully prophylactic. Enjoy.

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