Awards Shows

Rita Ora Mighty Cleavy Fine in Yellow at the BRIT Awards

Lest you think we are the only country that has silly celebrities who need to slap themselves on the back for being so awesome at awards shows, nay, everybody else is doing it too. Like the BRIT Awards, which much like our fine self-congratulatory shows here, do definitely bring out the hotties in their finest. Like Rita Ora who looked all kinds of blonde and cleavetastic on the red carpet of the award show. We haven’t seen Rita in a while really, and ever so pleasant to see her return to our neighborhood chest first and smiling.

Of course, we’re gearing up here at Egotastic! for the upcoming Oscars at the end of this month. And by gearing up, I mean, I’m going to spend a couple bucks extra on my liquor consumption for the evening and move my comfy chair closer to the bathroom. Always be prepared. Enjoy.

Amy Adams, Jenna Dewan, Sofia Vergara, Sandra Bullock Highlight the Hotties at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet

You know how much I love a red carpet. Seeing all the girls in their finest, imagining they’re parading down the crimson carpet in a contest to win my affections for the evening, or however long our unbridled passions would last, so, half an evening. All the time into making the face and boobs and butt look just right in some designer gown. It’s kind of exciting really.

Outside of Oscar night, there’s perhaps more bigger Awards show evening than that of the Golden Globe Awards. It brings out the good looking ladies from both film and television in one mega cat-fight of one-upsmanship. Or upswomanship. It’s really quite a night, even if the Awards show itself is a silly bit of business from hard drinking foreign journalists living the life in Hollywood.

While there was any number of sweet decked out treats this year, the likes of my future girlfriend Amy Adams, new mama Jenna Dewan, about to be mama Olivia Wilde, lesbionic hottie Amber Heard, underrated veteran beauty Sandra Bullock, Sofia Vergara who kills every red carpet, and many more filled out my dance card for hottest ladies at the ball this evening. Check them all out, I’m sure I’ll be updating throughout the night, cocktail consumption count being my only excuse for negligence in that regard Enjoy.