Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale Spandex and Cleavage and a Call Back to Showier Times

Oh, maybe Ashley Tisdale isn’t visually giving as much as she used to. She got married or engaged or something horribly inconsiderate like that. But she can’t hide that compelling worked out petite hot body of hers she’s perfect through years of hard work and training and sweat, with the latter mostly contributed by me while leering.

Ashley isn’t the high ranking girl of my dreams perhaps from her cheerleading TV show days, but she remains one of the sweet female forms that definitely capture our attention when leaving the gym in Spandex and flashing a little of the Tisdale ta’s. She could be so much more, but I suppose now she’s saving it for another man. The story of my life. I’m still ogling Ashley. I’m not giving up yet. It’s supposed to be super warm this weekend, could we maybe break out one of those old miniskirt? It’s a suggestion, not an order. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/PacificCoastNews

Ashley Tisdale Still My Leggy Lust Bunny

The more Ashley Tisdale wants nothing to do with me, the most I think I long for her and her toned taut ever-on-display legs. Men always want what they can’t have. Ergo, I want a heck of a lot.

Ashley spent the warm weather weekend in Los Angeles shopping as is the right of pretty girls the world over. We stopped sending good looking women into the mines before we even built the first mine. It was collectively a very good call. And now allows us all the ogle the sweet legs of Ashley Tisdale in some short jean shorts. Not exactly R-rated, but if you run it through your own prurient mind a few loops, I bet you come up with something racy in terms of how this story ends. Fantasies is just reality that is yet to happen. Something optimistic like that. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Ashley Tisdale Braless for Squishy Fun Time Peeks

We haven’t seen Ashley Tisdale in some time. I assume this means she’s been busy with work and romance and other such things that keep a girl with such stellar legs indoors, sadly, for us, good for her I guess. But now she’s back on the streets of L.A. in a photoshoot that apparently required no bra, or maybe Ashley just chose to go commando, but in either case, we are the winners.

This whole no-bra trend in general has been very beneficial to us ogling gentleman. I think it’s been scientifically proven now many times by guys with jobs I’d love to have that bras do little to actually support the supportive process in woman as they get a bit older. So the entirety of its purpose is style and humility, two characteristics for which we have little use. Ladies, throw out your bras. Just look at how fetching Ashley Tisdale becomes without her undergarments. Enjoy.

Ashley Tisdale Flashes Her Sweet Legs for Hollywood Premiere

That Awkward Moment premiere last night gave me one awkward pause when Ashley Tisdale showed off her longest shorty legs in Hollywood, exhibiting her tightly toned gams that she works so very hard at the gym.

We used to see a ton of Ashley’s stems, but I think since she got this new boyfriend or something they’ve been off-limits and I have missed them terribly. Used to be we could count on a good Tisdale leg muscles flaunt once a week, now, far less often. So I was most grateful to see those gymnastic twirlers taken out for a stroll in front of the cameras. I really would like to be her leg moisturizing assistant. Provided she asks few questions about my choice of product. Enjoy.

Ashley Tisdale Spoken For, But Her Hot Legs Still Talking

Despite being snatched up in engagement by some guy I care not to know much about, Ashley Tisdale continues to have and to flaunt some of the best short girl gams in all of Tinsel Town. I suppose they belong to another man now, but that has never really stopped us before some taking in the unusually long toned legs on this hot shorty.

Someday, I too intend to propose to a woman and take her for my wife. How else to enter the reflective blues phase of my existence. For now, I shall merely covet thy neighbor’s wife. Especially when she’s wearing little tiny shorts or something and exhibiting some killer legs. Enjoy.

Ashley Tisdale Also Looking Mighty Fine for Scary Movie 5

Talk about all grown up, Ashley Tisdale had it all grown up and going on at last night’s N.Y. premiere of Scary Movie 5. Sadly, no obvious shows of skin, but in a dress that can only be worn by a woman that works out as often and dedicated as the Tis, giving her one of the very best shorty bodies in all of Hollywood.

We’re not really sure what Ashley is up to these days. We don’t see her in film or TV or making babies or such. But every time we do see her, she looks like a million minxy dollars. And that’s the most important job of all. Enjoy.

Ashley Tisdale Flashes Her Petite Hot Body in Low Hanging Short Shorts About L.A.

It’s February in L.A, which means it’s late Spring, and with the warming temperatures, out came the hotties over the weekend to show off their Pilates and yoga chiseled wares, most notably one of our favorite petite hotties, Ashley Tisdale, who despite her diminutive stature manages to have some inexplicably long and toned legs, not too mention a tummy that instinctively reaching for the ketchup squirt bottle. And when those short shorts started sinking, squeeze we did.

Ashley Tisdale works hard for her body so we work it hard for Ashley’s body. This is the Circle of Ogling. Enjoy.