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Amanda Seyfried Cleavy Hot for Allure

Allure magazine is having quite the week. First, the teasy, but quite welcome covered nekkid photos of four hot TV actresses, followed now by a pictorial of sextastic pale Amanda Seyfried, a tad bit innocent, but a tad bit cleavy, which is a tad bit exciting for us here.

Amanda Seyfried may be pale as a ghost, but she remains one of our favorite Nordic minxy hotties. She photos and films just amazing, as evidenced by this photo array in Allure. Am I laying out all these compliments to Amanda in some cheap and desperate attempt to get into her pants? Yes. Yes I am. Enjoy.

Clare Bowen, Naya Rivera, Christa Miller, Jennifer Morrison Covered Nekkid in Allure

Well, Allure magazine has kind of outdone themselves once again. And clearly outdone many men’s magazine as well, with their long anticipated almost kind of nekkid celebrity spread in their May edition. This go-round we get to almost see Naya Rivera from Glee (previously published), Clare Bowen the hottie from Nashville, Christa Miller the cutie from Scrubs, and Jennifer Morrison from House. All quite contorted to avoid getting nasty letters from the pearl clutchers of this world who find the nekkid female form to be an insult to their sensibilities, but enough skin to instill in us the exact type of lust that those pearl clutchers fear.

Bless you, Allure. You’re a doing your damndest to instill some European sensibilities about celebrity skin onto American soil (and, yeah, I love the good old U.S.A., but let’s face it, Europe has it going on us in regards to women showing skin in popular media and nobody freaking out about ‘the children’).

Naya Rivera Covered Nekkid for Allure

If you pay attention to this site, and you probably don’t, you know that it’s verboten to openly watch Glee, although you can certainly ogle the small handful of female hotties that comprise its thespianic singing cast. Today would be the turn for Naya Rivera. Naya appears in the covered nekkid photo series in the upcoming edition of Allure, and it’s, well, it’s quite the sight.

Hot woman nekkid in a chair, arms and leg subtly akimbo. I’ll say this for Allure, today they’re living up to their name.

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Shuddup, I Still Love Katie Holmes

I take a lot of flack for my ongoing lust of Dawson’s Creek alum, Katie Holmes, but I can’t shake it. I don’t want to shake it. I stood with Katie through her trying to be a real actress years after Dawson’s, her odd marriage to Xenu’s most sensitive disciple, and all the weird dowdy dress down mom times of late, and, on occasion, I am rewarded with looks of Katie hotness as in this Allure magazine pictorial for April 2013.

Yeah, Katie never was a sexpot. She was a cutie with some great potential. And as much as she or others have tried to hide that burgeoning sextastic, we know well here it’s like the Transformers AllSpark. It can only stay hidden for so long before somebody with a hard-on for it comes looking. I am that somebody with a hard-on, figuratively speaking. Enjoy. 

Emily DiDonato Hella Beach Time Bare and Sextastic for Allure

Say hello to Emily DiDonato. New York native, Irish-Italian (can’t get much more New York than that) and just one super fine young woman we are so happy to introduce to the Egotastic! family, now that she’s featured in the current edition of Allure magazine.

And alluring she is. Super effin’ alluring in this tanned, wet beachy photoshoot that is more than an introduction to Emily, it’s a launching pad for full on DiDonato dream lust. Yet another confirmation that the best reason to go to the beach has nothing to do with the water.

Marisa Miller Preggo and Covered Nekkid Hot for Allure Magazine

I now call to order the meeting of the Sextastic Celebrity Nekkid Preggo Fetish Club. First order of business, the supremely hot Marisa Miller, burgeoning with child, and unburgeoning without clothing on the pages of Allure magazine.

We have drooled over Maria Miller many times over the past several years, but never in this particular body format before. And we like it. Sadly, we were unavailable for the events that enabled this particular photoshoot theme to occur, but there’s always a next time! Enjoy.

Keira Knightley Covers Her Own Petitie Puppies So That You Can’t See Them (Boo, But Kinda Hot Too)

Granted, Keira Knightley does need a sandwich or three, plump up the body and her sweet but petite chest (and apparently she covers such eating or non-eating topics in this month’s Allure UK magazine), but we’d be lying if we didn’t say a healthy amount of the months following Pirates of the Caribbean was spent with various plundering dreams of Keira, well, just that, plundering Keira. And lust like that does not go gentle into the good night.

So, partake with us if you so choose in some leers at Keira Knightley covering her own seedless grapes on the cover and inside pages of Allure UK. Enjoy.