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Holly Peers and Stacey Poole Play Topless Twister for Nuts April 2014


Holly Peers and Stacey Poole play the game of Twister we've all been dreaming about since we were teens. The two boobtacular ladies took turns playing the classic boardgame and feeding each other Hula Hoops in what looks like my grandmother's basement rec room. Holly Peers' flesh melons are perfectly shaped and firm while Stacey's sweater hams have more movement to them. Either way, it must be heavenly to be pressed between those four bits of glorious mammary tissue while reaching for right hand green. In one pic, the girls look like they are about to kiss. Is there anything hotter than two girls kissing? I submit that there is not. I remember buying a Twister game for a party when I was 19. I fully expected it to turn into an orgy with a spin of the dial. Instead my friends and I just played while the girls ignored us.

But I can look at these pictures and dream of what could have been...

India Reynolds Goes Breast To Breast With Rhian Sugden In Our Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic


It's time once again to pick between two super hot women for who is the most sextastically boobtastic. It is a difficult challenge to choose between such fine specimens as these two Page 3 girls. It's like selecting which one of your children you love more. No, it's tougher than that because there is always one kid you love more than the other. But I feel drawn to each of these ladies equally. You can examine their ample assets to figure out which you'd prefer to motorboat. Ultimately, it's a matter of preference and I wonder which one you will pick.

This week our two ladies are India Reynolds and Rhian Sugden going head to head in our Battle of The Boobtastic. I like to pretend that rather than just having our dear readers choose, these two lovely ladies go at each other with giant gloves on in a foxy boxing match. Maybe in a pool of Jell-O. Yeah. So, which girl do you choose to be the most Boobtastic, India or Rhian?

Battle of the Boobtastic: India Reynolds vs. Rhian Sugden

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Heidi Klum Goes Topless In Mexico


Heidi Klum decided to let the girls out for some air on a beach in Mexico. She was there vacationing with her young paramour Vito Schnabel, when she opted to lose the top of her bikini. One doesn't want tan lines, does one? The problem with nude beaches is that they are usually populated by people you don't want to see naked. Luckily, for the people on this beach they got an eyeful of one of the most famous models of the last twenty years. The Teutonic beauty still looks amazing. This woman is forty years old and has four kids and still rocks it like a supermodel. But it's not just her naked ripe melons that make these pictures a wonder to look at. Her bikini bottoms are also really small. You can see a great deal of that famous Klum butt.

That Vito is one lucky dude. He should thank all the gods, Buddhas, Jesuses, and Thors that he bagged such a knockout.

Jessica Kingham Topless in Lingerie for Zoo Magazine


Supermodel Jessica Kingham shows off her luscious love mounds in this month's Zoo Magazine. In this spread Jessica sports the classic combination of frilly lingerie and bare breasteses. Those two things go together like ham and cheese, Oreos and milk, and naked hot chicks and high heels, (which she also wears). Jessica is one of those classic girls next door types. I mean, she doesn't live next door to me, but she looks like the hot girl in your high school who was also nice and would talk to you even though you were kind of a dork. She looks like the kind of girl you could take for pizza and a movie and she wouldn't think you were a cheapskate. Maybe I'm projecting, I'm just saying that that is what her pretty face and bodacious funbags tell me. Yes, I can read a girl's personality traits from her bosoms.

It's a gift but it's also kind of a curse.

Syunka Ayami Smolders In Fishnet Stockings Topless Shoot


Japanese model and fishnet enthusiast Syunka Ayami is smoking hot in this topless spread. There is something magical about the combination of a girl in fishnet stockings with her funbags on display. It's the very definition of sexy. Syunka's breasts play peek-a-boo in a bra that is mostly made out of air. The rest of the shoot she just dispenses with clothing all together to display her chesticles in all their glorious glory. Syunka has that shy faux-innocent quality that Japanese girls have turned into an art form. They can stand out there completely naked but they still want you to believe they are good girls. I believe you, Syunka. I believe you. I wish American girls would learn the art of sexy coquettishness from our friends in the far East.

I'm not familiar with Syunka's work but I'll be keeping my eyes peeled and hope to see much more of her in the future.

Ayelen Paleo Super Sexy Topless Photoshoot in H Para Hombres


Super Sexy Latina model Ayelen Paleo showed off the whole package in a photo shoot for H Para Hombres. Most of the pics take place in a shower, which is where you usually find naked chicks in their natural habitat. Ayelen's ample bosoms are out in all their lightly moistened glory. Normally, a pair of gorgeous breasticles like these would be enough but the shoot also includes some revealing pictures of her perfectly shaped booty. I've rarely seen a pair of cheeks that are that perfectly symmetric and flawless. They should put her behind in the Smithsonian for further research.

H Para Hombres is like a Latin Maxim but with double the amounts of boobage. I think I might get me a subscription, you know, to help girls like Ayelen out. My cousins regularly forward me stuff from their site because appreciation of hot chicks knows no cultural or linguistic barriers.

Martha Hunt Topless In Arty Pics By Adam Franzino


Former Victoria's Secret model and current sexy beast Martha Hunt showed her funbags in some arty black and white photos taken by Adam Franzino. He's one of those big time fashion photographers that likes to show the female form in the stark truth of black and white or something. That's the magic trick of black and white photography. They are the same chesticles that you'd think were hot in color but it just feels more like art if you shoot in black and white. Your girl can't get mad at you for looking at these pictures because it's like culture and stuff and not just a naked chick. Smooth move, Franzino. Martha has a leather jacket in the shoot that isn't doing a very good job of keeping her covered up. It basically a prop. She might as well be holding an oven mitt or a rubber chicken for all the good it's doing her.

One thing is for sure. She looks like she's cold.