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Anna Orlova Topless Because Crazy Hot Models Look Better in Topless


Do you happen to like rising star Russian models with ridiculously hot bodies showing off their anatomical skill sets in black and white shoots? If so, and, by the way, yes you do, then you'll lust love this Anna Orlova shoot by Christophe Boussamba featuring the stunning St. Petersburg native flashing her bodily wares in the artistic monochromatic visual bit of wonderment. Seeing Anna's keester and overly delicious frontside, I'm reminded that outstanding women don't just grow on trees. But if they did, I would clear out all my shrubs and plant that tree in an instant.

It's important that everybody find their own source of inspiration on life. Wherever you can find it. Me, I'm a simple man. I'll take Anna Orlova, a perfect pair of funbags, and a body that would get me to move mountains if only she smiled and tossed her hair coyly when she asked. I am man Jell-O before such sextastic. Enjoy.

Lucy Collett Black Body Suit Striptease Floats My Ginger Lusting Boat


Okay, I know Lucy Collett isn't a real redhead. But she seems pretty real all the way around elsewise and all of that elsewise is flashing before my eyes quite merrily whilst checking her stripping out of a black body suit for the general love of full, fluffy funbags. Lucy Collett doesn't need to waste time with all the fancy photo setups, stagings, stylings, and themes. How about this for a motif? One cute and busty British redhead with bodacious boobtastic flashing her love guns for your viewing pleasure? Yes, I know, it sounded really good to me too.

On Tuesdays we like to celebrate the unleashed cans of our favorite sextastic celebrities. Lucy Collett isn't for everyone. But she is for me. I say, the Good Lord gave you two hands for a reason. With Lucy, you could probably use four. But I hate to quibble. Enjoy.

Lizzy Caplan, Caitriona Balfe, and Kamille Leal Topless in the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)


Given that I missed my sacred duty of providing the Boob Tube Roundup to enliven your soul last week, I packed this week's with every bit of ta-ta goodness from the little screen. You know, that less than theater sized bit of display technology that gives you so much pleasure week in and week out without so much as a groan or complaint. Forsake the boob tube not. Aye, she is your friend.

This week's Boob Tube Roundup includes Lizzy Caplan, along with Caitlin Fitzgerald and the lovely Betsy Brandt flashing funbags in the Masters of Sex final episode of the season, Caitriona Balfe being not treated super nicely in Outlander, Juliet Rylance topless conversing in The Knick, and newcomers Kamille Leal and Khaneshia Smith all boobtastic and topless in the LeBron James produced Survivor's Remorse. It's quite the showing. And quite the unveiling. Take two minutes out of your day to delight in some sweet melons. I insist. Enjoy.

Angelique Frenchy Morgan Topless Baring of the Mighty Bazoongas in Malibu


If you're going to make a splash on American soil, why not do it right at the shoreline, in Malibu, taking off your bikini top to reveal one magnificent pair of nature meets science boobtastic right in the direction of the setting sun. That's what Angelique Frenchy Morgan did and I dare say, the French reality star and exotic type model make quite an impression on the locals.

I'm not saying we should force visitors to this country with super impressive mams to head to the beaches and expose their funbags for all the Yanks to leer. But we could strongly suggest it. And give out visas based upon such simple customs questions as, do you have an amazing racktastic and will you be showing if off when visiting America. Some 'Yes' checkmarks mean you go into the fast lane. Enjoy.

Jenni Lee Topless In A Bathroom Pictorial


You know what's sexy? Jenni Lee in frilly pink lingerie. You know what's even hotter? Nekkid Jenni Lee going rub-a-dub in a bathtub. Jenni is ridiculously sexy. Her body is perfect. I know that word gets thrown around a lot but it's seriously perfect. Her funbags are just the right size for her frame which is nice and tight. Her face is really pretty too. There is nothing worse than a butter face, my friends. I do love a woman in a bathtub. Add some bubbles and you've got yourself one clean/dirty situation going on. I also like when a woman's hair is all tussled and messed up. It reminds me of what happens to their hair during sexy time. I've been staring at these pictures for the last ten minutes and am going to stare at them for ten more.

Won't you join me in ogling Jenni Lee?

Candice Swanepoel Topless Photoshoot in Hawaii


Hotness incarnate Candice Swanepoel took out her ta-tas in this topless photoshoot in Hawaii. Candice is one of my favorite models. She's just so freakin sexy that I can barely stand it. Look at her eyes, (if you can take your eyes off of her funbags), they are like blue ice cubes. The pictures are on a beach and she's all wet and sandy which really does it for me. Maybe it's because I've always wanted to do it on a beach with a hot woman. I mean, not like that's an original fantasy. I think all guys want to do that, am I right? Alas, very few of us ever date a Candice Swanepoel. Maybe if you are a movie star or a really rich dude. It's sad. But in the meantime we can look at these pictures and dream.

Candice doesn't do enough topless stuff. There, I said it. I love her bikini stuff but sometimes you just want to see the goods, ya know?

Kaili Thorne’s Sexy Topless Photoshoot


Sexy bomb Kaili Thorne showed off her jubblies in a tasteful but hot photoshoot. You know it's a little arty because some of the pictures are in black and white. But no matter what color the pictures are you get a good view of her ginormous funbags. They are seriously huge, especially compared with how skinny the rest of her is. She's definitely top heavy and I imagine falls over a lot. Luckily, she has those ta-tas to cushion her fall. The pictures take place at a river or something. Some lucky rock gets to cradle her naked body. I was kind of depressed earlier but Kaili is so seriously hot that seeing her naked has cheered me up. Who needs therapy when there are hot girls in the world with big 'ol boobies?

But seriously, do yourself a favor and click the picture. Do it now. You're welcome.