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Mellisa Clarke Topless Poolside Plums and Peaches Fun Time


Mellisa Clarke might just be my perfect woman. Well, I mean, technically she's have to have the capability of transforming into a 50-inch flat screen TV with the NFL premium package on Sundays to be perfect, but I'm working with my Tinder counselor to be more lenient in my acceptance of the flaws of my potential mates.

Melissa's semi-brooding brunette come hither looks and that raw natural animal hot bodied magnetism enhanced every time she removes her top, it's just the stuff of dreams. At least my dreams many times per evening. The thought of her floating topless in my pool, let alone having a pool in the first place, just icing on the delicious cake that is Mellisa Clarke. Whoomp there it is. We really need bring that back. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lawrence Nipple Slip at Mockingjay After Party in Jolly Old England


Hello there, Jennifer Lawrence funbags. We haven't seen you since, well, since a time a couple months ago that we're not supposed to talk about in front of polite company. Luckily, we are only mildly polite here at Egotastic! so we can sneak this blessed peek of your braless peaks within an elegantly open white dress.

Jennifer Lawrence, her plunging neckline, and some semblance of her sweet nipples were visible as she cavorted with Lorde in the back of limo in London following the Hunger Games Mockingjay premiere party in London. I can't imagine how my invitation got lost in the mail, perhaps a ship at sea went down. Nevertheless, I'm glad we get to share in what has to be the highlight of the party. Jennifer Lawrence, ever so sextastic, the bubbly farting dream girl next door. And these are her ta-ta's. Just outstanding. Enjoy.

Ruth Wilson And Her Topless Affair Boobtastic Lead the Pack in the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)


The smaller shows tend to shine this time of year in the Boob Tube Roundup. A foray into the faptastic morass of shows you may not even know exist, but you should, and you should be watching. I'm pretty sure checking out sextastic topless thespianics on the small screen was the 11th Commandment that got left behind perhaps even intentionally because somebody lacked vision about the rise of premium cable.

This week's Roundup includes Ancilla Tilia quite blonde and hot and big girl topless in Popoz, a Dutch comedy on their Comedy Central, Ruth Wilson with another week of her unfaithful topless faithfulness on The Affair on Showtime, and Meaghan Rath having crazy making of the sexy time with Nick Jonas, I know, on Kingdom on DirecTV. Some fresh flesh as it were. Do grant yourself the gift of viewing. Enjoy.

Topless Porn Stars Hit New Jersey, I Mean, Even Harder Than Usual


It was time for the Exxxotica Expo in Edison, New Jersey over the weekend where everybody who is not too shy to go express their fondness for porn in a public setting got to meet their favorite adult film stars. I'm not such a liar as to state I don't have my own favorites, but I would say I might tend to shy away from the gathering of like minded fappers. Just the chance to run into my Uncle Ernie who lives near Newark would give me pause.

Nevertheless, the show delivered big time with the lovely ladies of adult entertainment flashing their wares in their promo booths to get thousands of men all fired up and ready to go home and watch their particular content. You wouldn't think porn is the kind of subject that needs lots of promotional events. It sort of sells itself. Nevertheless, just knowing so many giving women were in the same place at the same time gives me hope for humanity. Also, kind of a boner. Check out the gallery and see if you can spot your personal favorite. Enjoy.

Sara Malakul Lane Topless Plump Puppies Simply Magically Delicious


I've really fallen hard for Eurasian thespianic hottie Sara Malakul Lane. Not that it matters, but I would note that I was in lust before even seeing perfect reveals of Sara's even more perfect female form without clothes. Oh, those yams of gold. She really is one helluva a cutie with just a ridiculously alluring take me on a beach vacation and we'll never leave the hotel room kind of look. I might be reading into. But so what?

Featured in this topless desert pictorial in Yume magazine, Sara shows exactly why she has the chops to be a slightly unconventional star of the hotness ring. Something exotic, something girl next door, all mixed in with funbags the neighbor boys will climb dangerous rickety ladders to peep. And I'll be right behind them. Well, done, Sara. Enjoy.

Anne Hathaway Leads the Topless Goodness in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)


It's hard to believe we're halfway to winter. Especially given that it's 80 and sunny out here in Los Angeles. My apologies in advance. But for most of the rest of the northern hemisphere facing a cold winter thanks to global warming, it's definitely hide inside and warm the cockles time via the best way known to mankind. Hot topless celebrities right there on your personal tube. It's time for the sixty seconds of forecast rapture known as the Mr. Skin Minute.

This week's Mr. Skin Minute includes Anne Hathaway not nekkid in Interstellar but quite topless multiple blessedly times in Love and Other Drugs, Ruth Wilson topless making of the sexy in The Affair now on Showtime, and finally nude on Blu-Ray, the entire series of The Sopranos and all its glorious, dozens and dozens of skintastic topless sex scenes. The show that started it all for HBO, that's a killer. Enjoy.

Naturally, don't be a regret-filled sad monkey and deny yourself a fun filled membership to Mr. It's a lifetime of fun for a few shekels of your entertainment spending.

READER FINDS: Amanda Seyfried Topless, Lucy Liu Moist Frontals, Scarlett Johansson Taunting Teasing, and Much Much More…


Hello blessed Friday. You are once again upon us. Arrived like icing on the cake of our week of showing off pies, as it were. Each and every final weekday I have the Brinks security men bring forth the velveteen wrapped satchel of Reader Finds for an orgy of the optically tremendously titillating. Oh, how I do so love Fridays. If I had a musical bone in my body, I'd write a song. Nay, my bone is dedicated entirely to the content unfolding herein.

This week's Reader Finds includes Amanda Seyfried topless goodness in Lovelace (a revisit thanks to EgoReader 'Denny'), Michelle Lewin wicked hot Instagram pics (muchas gracias to 'Rob' on the hottie Venezuelan), Lucy Liu flashing her bare moneymakers (much kudos to 'Bill P.'), Annabeth Gish in a rare topless performance (blessings counted by 'David M.'), Keira Knightly nipple pokes in skinema (lovely Keira headlights thanks to 'Devon'), Scarlett Johansson teasy for Cosmo back in the day (lovely Scarjo's via 'Stacey'), Moira Kelly topless in a trifecta of ta-ta hits (well done trio performed by 'Owen'), Jessica Grace Smith topless in Roman times (Vesuvius erupts thanks to 'Donnie R.'), Enya Bakunova hot model nekkid goodness (beautiful girl, no clothes, dropped off by 'David T.'), Karlie Kloss topless in Vogue (slender model goodness via 'Steve'), Susan Sarandon topless in a skinema classic (whoa ta-ta's provided by 'Stunner'), Thandie Newton topless in the tub (thumping by 'Drake'), Erika Eleniak topless in her best role ever (so grateful to the talented 'Sal'), beautifully exotic Elizaveta Boyarskaya topless in her feature role (lovely lass leers courtesy of 'Ruben'), Elizabeth Gillies deep cleavage shines (lovely chesty views from 'Ellen E.'), Neta Garty topless in a screen role of her own (more foreign goblets from the mind of 'Em F.'), Madonna topless in her Truth or Dare masterwork (flashback to funbags by adept 'Allan'), Linda Fiorentino in early topless goodness (just sublime sextastic via 'Colton'), Cortney Palm quite palm baring in Zombeavers (oh, that blessed film and boobtastic by 'Quin'), and last but not least, the vastly underrated Juno Temple full frontal fruity filled fun. Enjoy.