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Mariana Diarco Sultry Hot Nekkid for Sudamericana Naughty Dreamscapes


Mariana Diarco came into our lives for one brief shining moment last year, then she was gone like so many women in my own personal existence. Gone, but never forgotten. Every woman that appears on this site remains tattooed forever more on the very lining of my libido, every curve, every funbag, every arse, every... some other things I won't mention lest we corrupt the children.

Now, Mariana is back and all the memories and feelings come flooding back to the frontal lobe. And with these steamy arched asstastic topless photos of the Argentinean celebrity model, flood doesn't even begin to describe it. I wish I could build a raft for the two of us to spend a year circumnavigating the world with nothing but some stored breadfruit and each other's flesh to live off of . We'd arrive back at our launch point one year later exhausted, thirsty, but satiated. Also, we'd have between four and sixteen babies if my math is correct. Enjoy.

Mr. Skin’s Brand Spanking New 150 Greatest Celebrity Nude Scenes of All Time (And Giving Away 15 Lifetime Memberships!)


Mr. Skin is getting old. He's turning fifteen and celebrating by banging out an entirely new Greatest Ever Celebrity Nude Scenes list. Could Phoebe Cates in Fast Times be toppled from the throne like a super hot King Joffrey with perfect yams? Mr. Skin's using complex science to determine his tops list, unlike some magazines we know. A winner will be crowned in a countdown over the next couple of weeks.

Free Sign Up to Check Out the Uncensored 150 Greatest Celebrity Nude Scenes!

To add icing to the birthday cake, Mr. Skin is handing out 15 Lifetime Membership to 15 Lucky visitors who come to check out the 150 Greatest Celebrity Nude Scenes. It's a win win, and win. A Lifetime of Mr. Skin means less skin on your johnny, but more joy in your eyes.

Here's a look at the PG-13 preview of the list. You're going to want to see uncensored video scenes list in its entirety. Because I know you better than you know yourself. The sign up is entirely free to see all 150 scenes. It's so much better than work, I can't tell you. Enjoy.

Miriam Adler Topless Swimming Nymphtastic in C-Heads Magazine


I happen to have a thing for young hot blonde models with stellar nekkid bodies. I know, I'm weird. But seeing Miriam Adler in this Derek Wood pictorial for C-Heads magazine all wet and swimming and hot bodied nymph like in the water, well, I'm reminded of my rather unique taste in women.

Some summer days, I just like to lay back on the grass and look up at the sky and imagine each passing cloud is a hot blonde model passing over me in the sky, as in my sleeping dreams as well. I find the experience rather serene and calming. At least until somebody screams and calls the park ranger and I have to run. I can't take another public indecency strike. Miriam, I blame you. Well, mostly me. Enjoy.

Melissa Debling Topless Outdoor Striptease Show Will Stun Your Senses and Stretch Your Shorts


Well, it's just a matter of fact. Melissa Debling and the way she moves and preens that body of hers whilst simultaneously removing her lingerie tops are going to take over the autonomic elements of your nervous system and wreak total havoc. I would not advise checking out these photos of the super tingle inducing Melissa whilst given an important presentation or, you know, trying to convince your girlfriend that you weren't checking out her friend in her low cut top the night before. No, these Melissa pics for a Ta-Ta Tuesday are definitely best viewed from the privacy of your locked water closet with some Hells Bells cranked to at least an eight. In the sanctity of your private quarters, nobody can hear you scream.

Melissa Debling, you are the bomb. Enjoy.

Love Magazine Skinny Topless Models Compilation (Why? I’m Not Sure)


We are big fans of Love Magazine here at Egotastic! It does provide an array of sextastic celebrity talent off without their tops on. But today, Love Magazine decided to put together an array of skinny happening Euro-models topless showing off their rather slender forms. I'm not exactly sure why. But, we do like to cover the gamut of what's going on boobtastically in this tres chic world of high money modeling. And this is a big part of it.

It's not for everybody, but, if you're into skinny models, here's a little visual preview of what lies beneath. Enjoy.

The Girls of True Blood, Ray Donovan, and The Leftovers Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)


Some weeks, the greatest gifts come in small offerings of Boob Tube Roundup selections; the finest shows of skin on the small screen as documented by me after three to four light beers followed by three to for more regular beers following that silly warmup.

This week's Roundup includes our first look at funbags on HBO's The Leftovers with a peek at Carrie Coon, which I fear may not see a second season, Deborah Ann Woll and Bailey Noble being tortured in their undies in True Blood, and Paula Malcolmson taking some topless selfies for some fiendish reason on Ray Donovan on Showtime. It's short but sweet this week. Like an aperitif. Or the very petite girl who took my virginity.Enjoy.

Alina Aliluykina Topless Super Duper Teats of a Goddess Goodness for Treats


Okay, I'll be the first to admit, I fall in lust way too easily. It's my Achilles Heel, or, you know, Achilles other body part that constantly gets me into trouble. But I'd rather have lust and lost than to never have lust at all, especially if we're talking the likes of hot model and would-be thespianic Alina Aliluykina, aka Alina Ali, who shows off her incredibly alluring nekkid body in this month's Treats magazine.

It's not just that Alina has the body of a Goddess and the wisdom to bare it for fun suffering of gentleman oglers everywhere. It's that her spectacular body and boobtastic are so outrageously lust inducing, that people like myself are going to learn how to spell her last name properly. And once that happens, it's like a forever tattoo of lovelorn feelings imprinted on the libido. Alina, that crazy hot body of yours I shall now never forget, even if I wanted to. Though I can't imagine a reason why I would ever want to. So damn hot! Enjoy.