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Brittany Mason Topless Flashing Her Epic Miss Indianas


Oh, how I love when a beauty queen takes off her clothes. That is after all why we watch pageants in the first place, is it not? Maybe I've given too much away.

Brittany Mason is one super fine former Miss Indiana who we've not seen around here since her rather memorable Me in My Place photo shoot a couple years ago. Now, she's back with a major league bang quite sextastic and topless in this Josh Ryan devil-may-care-about-funbags photoshoot. Oh, my, oh my. I could stare at Brittany's ridiculously hot body all day long and never grow tired. Maybe the right elbow just a bit. She is one crazy hot young woman who I hope we get to see even more of in the future. You simply can't keep these gifts to yourself, Brittany. Don't deny Mother Nature her bounty, let alone us drooling savages. So hot. Enjoy.

Big Brother Scandinavia Has a Few Boobs Up on Its American Counterpart


I used to rant way to much about how reality television shows such as Big Brother were far better overseas than they were in the U.S. Almost entirely because the international editions were just loaded with topless contestants and never-ending making of the sexy scenes on night vision cameras. That's pretty much the entire show in places like Norway and Sweden which combine their Big Brother house for 2014 like friendly Scandinavians are apt to share.

And then everybody basically gets naked, takes lots of showers, and has lots of sex. I assume there's a part to the show where everybody talks about why they're doing so-and-so or flashing their beaver here and there, but talking is dramatically overrated. I guess my rant is back. But really, why on earth can't we see this stuff in the U.S.?  Crapastic TV only takes a half dozen topless girls in the shower to suddenly become epic. I'm done. Enjoy.

Masters of Sex and Ray Donovan Contribute Ta-Ta’s to the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)


While there is so much going on in the media scandal wise of late, let us now forsake the never-ending bits and views of sweet bare boobtastic and hot bodies on the small screen each and every week pretty much now. Far more consistent than the Boob Tube's big brother called the movies. The little box in the living room is once again returning to its most sacred purpose.

This week's Boob Tube Roundup includes Erin Cummings flashing frontals in Masters of Sex, Paula Malcolmson once more showing off her veteran hot tops in Ray Donovan, Sophia Bui flashing funbags and more in Really, the new comedy series from Amazon, and the fetching Margaret Qualley stripping down to bra and panties in HBO's The Leftovers. It's a solid week and peek of the sextastic on the small screen worth a ninety-second leer. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Topless And Exposed in V Magazine


Well, this was teased for a while so we were kind of waiting until you could see the uncensored racy topless picture set of Miley Cyrus in the about to be released V magazine Fall edition. I mean, we can see Miley Cyrus with pasties pretty much every night of the week just strolling down Ventura Blvd., but it's still a thing when the petite framed pop musical starlet goes full topless monty for the cameras, showing off her modest but brave curves.

For all the heat Miley takes for her behavior and appearance, let us never forget this is a former teen Disney star who willingly and forwardly exhibits her bare body for cameras on the regular. Do you realize how many other celebrities we beg to do the same and they never oblige? At least not voluntarily as we noted during the hacker scandal. They're all doing it, but Miley has chosen to share her bare boobtastic openly with the world. For that, I must give her kudos. The ducks and silly costumes and tongue shitck I could do without. But let's be honest, Miley has raised the bar for so many others in terms of flashing, it's been a really good thing. Enjoy.

Naked News Auditions, Yep, They Have Those, Kate Is First Up (VIDEO)


Every job has an interview process. And when the job you're applying for is host on Naked News, well, you're not going to be allowed to wear clothes during your audition. I can't think of many jobs where you legitimately and legally need to see applicants in the full frontal buff. I just know I'd like to be an active part of the hiring process.

Naked News has been kind enough to share their video screen tests for applicant Kate with us to peek into a future potential Naked News anchor. In the future, they have hinted at letting our readers play a role in picking the next TV Naked News anchor. Um, yeah. That would only be an incredible way to waste time at work. Coming soon. For now, check out Kate and see if she has the right Naked stuff. Enjoy.

If you want to use my special backdoor link, no offense backdoor porn stars, you can still get 7 Days of Hot Naked News Girls for the Price of, Um, Nothing.

Thank God It’s Funbags! Melissa Debling Keeps Her Hat on But Not Much Else for Alluring Topless Visuals


Despite it being a short week for many of you, it's been an unusually long week here for us at Egotastic! But we're all glad to have reached the final day of the work week, not to mention the start of the first weekend of NFL football 2014. It's all good. Tough times will pass, good times will come again. And with the help of bodaciously hot and bosomy women like Melissa Debling, the good times come back faster than you could have ever imagined.

Seeing the smile on Melissa'a face as she shares her coveted chestal goodies with the rest of the world reminds me that true joy comes in the giving, not the taking. I try to do my small part here each day by keeping my own clothes on, and showing you the sextastic celebrities who feel far less modest. It is my firmest belief that every day, every body deserves some time to just relax and stare at some of the finest female forms on this planet. It's healing, it's good for the soul, and everybody wins. Never feel guilty about reveling in your truly human qualities. Embrace your animal ancestry. I mean, not right at this very moment. And never embrace if people might be looking. But you get the general idea. Thank God It's Funbags!

Rosie Jones Throws Down Her Top Against Lucy Collett in a Battle of the Boobtastic for the Ages


You know my udder fondness for Rosie Jones, a glamorous revealer of her faptastic funbags since the day she turned eighteen. But you also know my allure for the ginger topped fuller bodied Lucy Collett who reminds us all that soft and curvy is so very much sextastic. It's like having to decide between two big football games on at the same time, or, the worst, glazed or chocolate at Dunkin in the morning. I just can't make such monumental choices.

As always, the Battle of the Boobtastic relies on you, the fine gourmands of the mammary glands, to separate the tops from the even better tops. The luscious from the delicious. The squeezable from the huggable. The lovelier of the two ladies profoundly moving boobtastic. I do not envy your work. But work you must. Between Rosie and Lucy, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: Rosie Jones vs. Lucy Collett

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