Lucy Collett, Lacey Banghard, Rosie Jones, Rhian Sugden, Lissy Cunningham And Kelly Hall Topless in the Page 3 Roundup

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Oh, my lovely Britty birds with the heaving bosoms of Olympus. The kind of work you blondes and brunettes and ginger topped sweethearts perform each week on behalf of funbag unfurling should never be taken for granted. I don’t take you for granted, girls. There are so many other places I would prefer to take you.

Lucy Collett and Rhian Sugden and Kelly Hall and others of the sweet bare melon crew found their way this week onto the pages of the revealing Sun tabloid and into the hearts of millions. I could be very happy stranded on a desert island with just these six sextastic sirens. Food, clothing, and shelter entirely optional. I wouldn’t make it past one night. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Page 3

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Madison Banes Naked at the Movies for the Naked News (VIDEO)

The Clothes They Do Go A Flying!

There are many ways to skin a cat, but I prefer the way that involves hot brunettes getting nekkid while doing so. That pretty much applies to everything in life. Heck, I could get a parking ticket from a sexy minx without any clothes on and just thank her for keeping the streets safe. I’m that affected by the sight of lovely lady parts. You too? Good, then you will definitely want to check out hostess Madison Banes of the Naked News crew talking summer movies and stripping out of her attire in this Naked at the Movies video edition (link) from the good folks at Naked News.

There are many ways to learn about upcoming movies. This is clearly the best. Think Rotten Tomatoes but with Perfectly Ripe Peaches. I know. Much better. Check out the video and get your own 7-Day Free Trial Subscription to Naked News, because gosh dangit, you deserve it. Treat yourself right with nekkid honeys keeping you up to speed. Enjoy.

Edita Vilkeviciute Open Robe Peeks, Wait, That’s My Future Wife!

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I certainly have mixed feelings when my beautiful tall and long and lovely and naturally hot Lithuanian future wife Edita Vilkeviciute shows off her stellar fine form for the general public. I mean, yes, I’m obviously proud of the fact that I’m only thirty-seven steps removed from taking this woman as my wife until such time as she divorces me for a slough of likely very good reasons. But I’m also a little bit possessive about showing off her faptastic funbags to all the neighbors. You know that wife. You like her, but she’s kind of a handful for her husband.

In this wonderfully wicked Pamela Hanson pictorial, Edita, err, the future Mrs. Egotastic, let’s her robe fall asunder revealing her pert peaches and probably some idea of at least five lines on my agenda for our wedding night. Oh, there will be honey. Edita is one of those transcendent figures that even when posing ostensibly for women causes men to catch their breath if not other reflexive reactions. She’s a stunner. And she’s almost all mine. Hands off. Eyeballs still okay. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Pamela Hanson

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Shane Van Der Westhuizen Topless And Tied Up

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Oh, happy day. You may not be familiar with crazy hot bodied South African model Shane Van Der Westhuzien but I assure you, you will not soon forget her. This bodacious blonde has been a favorite of bikini and swimsuit purveyors and photographers for a few years now, but to see her topless and quite bound in this pictorial, well, wow, damn, dang, and just a big old thank you.

Shane is simply one of those curvaceous blondes who remind you why you look forward to each new day. Also probably why you’ll spend the next seventeen evenings dreaming about waking up to find Shane in your abode all kinds of nekkid and suspiciously tied up. Don’t ask too many questions, she might go away. Just get down on your hands and knees and thank your higher power. Also, remind Shane of the rules involved if she ever wishes to be untied. Be stern, but fair, even as your knees are buckling and your mouth drooling. So damn hot! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Yuri Acurs

Maya Stepper Topless Treats! In Nature

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Tall and blonde and lovely euro model Maya Stepper is fast becoming the favorite of photographers who love to get tall and blonde and lovely, not to mention, naturally sweet teated, models into nature for shoots among the trees or rocks or shorelines of this blessed blue planet. She just photographs ever so well. Funbags most definitely included.

In this mini-pictorial for Treats Magazine, Maya shows off just the most compelling of tips of her hottie iceberg, an alluring Germanic woman with the kind of body that mean dream of, including myself, thrice last night, and once again just ten minutes ago during a power nap. I often ask myself if I could actually ever handle such a woman, then I remember that it’s really all I ever wanted in life and I cry and tell myself yes. I really am an emotional whirlwind around ridiculously hot topless women. I probably need to alter my medication away from light beer. Stellar wonderments, Maya. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Jacques Weyers For Treats Magazine

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Rachel Hilbert Plays Pool Topless, Happy Balls in Corner Pocket

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SI swimsuit hot stuff Rachel Hilbert continues to reveal her long and lean and sextastic female form by way of some more than alluring Tyler Kandel black and white photos, this time stretching and preening and ultimately working the pool table quite topless in this short, but epic mini-series of photos of the extreme hottie.

Rachel is one of the growing number of even American models who realize the international scene requires a lack of modesty in terms of showing off the half-monty by way of mammaries. If you’ve got them, flaunt them, it really only does make you look that much more beautiful, speaking on behalf of the millions of men with their eyeballs popping out at the moment. Don’t hide your blessings from the rest of the world. Share them as dads do Lifesavers with their sons after big sports losses. Ta-ta’s won’t rot anybody’s teeth, though they will have a little chew if nuzzled properly. Just so damn hot. Enjoy.

Photo Credit:Tyler Kandel

Julija Steponaviciute Topless Athletics All Taut and Bothered On The Beach

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Not to be confused with my future bride Edita Vilkeviciute, the lovely lass and brunette statuesque Lithuanian babe Julija Steponaviciute is a couple years young and very much the tall hot bodied equal of my future betrothed. I know the names are a challenge, but if you can learn them for your favorite NBA basketball stars, you can learn them for wicked hot lanky fashion models from the Baltic with little to no fear or removing their tops for added passion inducement.

Featured topless for the current edition of Elle Belgium, Julija shows off her taut and tight sporty side, which naturally needs not include a bra or top. I wish more of our athletic diva would take note of such advice. Tops are definitely optional during sporting events. Let Julija be your guide. Girls like her don’t just run along topless on the beach every day now. But if you find a beach where this is the case, I’d just go ahead and pitch your tend and stay awhile. You’ve found heaven on earth. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Elle Belgium