Maria Osintceva Topless Pearl Neckless Visual Delights in Black and White and Steamy Froth

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One fine model. One room. Not much clothes. Maybe a little lipstick. I truly am becoming a superfan of these basic but wicked hot topless and revealing black and white and color of sextastic all over photos of young ridiculously hot women, often of Russian descent.

Maria Osintceva is featured this month in P Magazine looking all kinds of emoting for the cameras, not to mention showing off quite naturally her naturally hot body in various poses of repose. It’s as simple as it is alluring. Somewhere between the bright bold and busty babes and the demure less obvious au natural lovelies lies the truest form of happiness. Also, where I imagine my nose to be as I motorboat the entire ridiculously sweet female world. Hey, it’s my dream. Get off of my cloud. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Eduardo Acierno For P Magazine

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READER FINDS: Charlotte McKinney Busty Yachts, Ashley Greene And Kate Hudson Pokies, Adrianne Palicki Topless, and Much Much More…

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My most blessed of Fridays. The final day of the not all that long of a week where we make solid excuses for outlandish behavior. I can’t think of a better process to celebrate. Such as we do here in the penthouse basement offices at Egotastic, each week opening up the cavernous reader email bag, throwing in the trained monkey, Mr. Four Loko, and waiting to see what treasures he returns with in his rabies frothing mouth. It’s a tradition like none other.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Charlotte McKinney boobtastic on a boat (thank you to EgoReader ‘Denny’), Adrianne Palicki topless for FHM (an oldie but such a double goodies via ‘Kent W.’), Ageyness Deyn toplees skinematics (little lovelies courtesy of ‘Rachel A.’), Anne Hathaway tighty whitey pokies for karaoke (spiked up by ‘Matt’), a busty candid of Ariel Winter in front of Mickey D’s Coachella (bosom bounced in by ‘James’), Ashley Greene cleavage and butt madness in The Apparition (whoa, hot body masterpieces, thanks ‘Owen’), Caitlin Folley topless in SxTape (lovely blonde udders from ‘Stephen T.’), Elsa Pataky sweet and lovely teats (oh, wow and thanks to ‘Benjie’), Emily Bergl of current Shameless fame topless in film back in the day (lovely lass peaches, via ‘Desmond’), indie queen Greta Gerwig flashing her Funions (lovely peeks delivered by ‘David’), hotness Hannah Kelsey topless in Supermodel mag (epic body shots submitted by ‘Danny C.’), Jennifer Lawrence nightgown cleavage in the recent Serena (this movie came and went, as would by my plan with Jennifer in person, kudos to ‘Juancy’), Kate Hudson and Ashley Greene double dipping pokies (skinematic nips sent over by ‘Arnoldo), Keira Knightley topless peaches (always a swell sight, via ‘Steve’), Kim Cattrall lovely udders throwback style (mmm, blondes have more funbags, thanks ‘Rippen’), Rebecca Hall topless in rare blessing (brunette goodness tossed into the ring by ‘Terry U.’), Rihanna peeks into top in her music video (promoted by ‘Apollon A.’), Ronda Rousey showy sexy (please, armbar me, via ‘Tony Tom’), and last, but not the bit least, the dedicated to onscreen naked Theresa Russell flashing bare yums and buns (submitted thoughtfully by ‘Les’). I kind of have to double dog dare you to check out this entire library of sextastic celebrity goodness. Become inspired. Enjoy.

Billie Jane Topless for the Love of Hot Canadian Brunettes Without Clothes But With Perfect Bodies

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Oh, how I get the letters from Canada. The proud Cannuckians who wish to see more of their fine female country ladies on this little site. You know I do my best to feature hotness from around the world, but could I actually be disrespecting my very own neighbor directly to the North? I shudder, that’s mostly just thinking about how cold it is in Canada. To warm us all up, how about a look at this stellar hot Chris Vongsawat shoot of Billie Jane, one fine looking specimen of Great White North goodness rolling about on a fancy couch quite unclothed.

Billie Jane’s bountiful body is quite ridiculously alluring, including that perfectly squeezable booty that is probably making even the couch a bit randy. If nobody’s used the pun yet, Billie Jane is my lover, I’m going to take it for myself. This Cannnuckian brunette is one outstanding bit of allure. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Chris Vongsawat

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Flor Wendel Topless Titiillating Tanlines For Playboy Argentina

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Bleached blonde Argentinean sextastic models taking their clothes off for the cameras happens to be one of my two favorite hobbies. Quilting being perhaps my only other passion in near equal. The chance to see Sudamericana sweet stuff Flor Wendell removing her clothes nicely and slowly and inevitably for the bunny magazine down Argentina way, well, if I’d had a rmeote in my hand I might have nervously flipped the channel on accident.

Flor’s faptastic female form reminds us that you don’t need more than one fine woman and a camera and willingness to get nekkid to create epic visual wonderments. Budgets are better left for the after party. I’ve just added Flor to my list of girls to unexpectedly knock on their doors the next time I’m south of the equator. The element of surprise really is a key component to my ever getting to meet beautiful women face to face. I hope she doesn’t own a bat or a large boyfriend. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Playboy Argentina

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Naked News Covers The Avengers and Star Wars, Why Not? (VIDEO)

Naked News Just Got... Um, Naked

If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you six times now, the nekkid girls of Naked News cover everything worth covering in the news. And they do it naked. Hence, the name you know. This is the big time of year just prior to big summer blockbuster movie season. As you know, I purchased my Age of Ultron tickets back in 1974 so I’m good for that. Star Wars is coming out in December and many more big pictures in between.

See Naked News Anchor Madsion Running Down the Big Blockbuster Movies of 2015 (NSFW Caution)

You could read about them on boring sites like IMDB or RottenTomatoes, but why not get them from Madison, who’s a cute brunette who removes her clothes with the best of the newscasters, actually, the best. When the hot anchors on Fox and weather girls at local stations start taking their clothes off, please let me know that too. You really must join this party. The funbags are hopping. Enjoy.

Kim Sung Eun Topless Korean Yum Yums in “Virgin Ghost”

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Oh, how I’ve missed my Asian invasion of the nekkid hottie type. It’s been a while since we went sextastic searching across the bigger pond to find the girls of the Pacific Rim looking all kinds of passion inducing. Well, let’s get back into it with Korean actress Kim Sung Eun, quite revealing and mesmerizing with spectacular body shots in Virgin Ghost. I can’t imagine being haunted by such a teasy creature, though somebody I suppose this could be my own fate if I don’t step up my game.

It’s nice to see the lovely lasses of the Korean peninsula coming to the forefront of international supreme hotness. There are so many outstanding Korean fine looking females in the thespianic and modeling set, with Kim Sung Eun’s only bodily contributions being just a tingle inducing reminder. My quest for worldwide ogle vision continues. Busty Asian hotties. Mother Nature has yet to top her masterwork on that mold. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: “Virgin Ghost”

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Lucette Romy Topless Perfect Peeks In An Open Jean Jacket at the Shore

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Ah, the topless peeks inside the jacket with no top. Quickly becoming a favorite of mine and a classic ogling setup. Lucette Romy and her beautiful model body obliged for the latest rendition of this sneaky peek triumph of the visual kind. Such a lust inducing heavenly creature captured in oceanside splendor for Yume magazine. Sometimes I wonder if we take for granted just how many beautiful women are baring their wares for the cameras these days. Maybe it’s just me. I’m incapable of feeling guilty or shame, so maybe this is just gratitude.

I don’t want to live in a world where we can’t admire the feminine awesome of girls such as Lucette Romy. It just sounds incredibly dull and tingle-free. Blech. I’ll keep up the good fight if promise to keep up the good leering. Together, we are a formidable team in the battle for boobtastic freedom. Trust me, it is a battle. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Ivy Erlinger For Yume