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Lucy Collett Topless Black Panties Striptease for Ginger Snapping Happy Times


Lucy Collett just seems like she'd be a fun gal to have on a summer road trip. Especially when I announced the topless only rules for my car. I bet she wouldn't balk at that rule. Or the one where we take turns sitting on the driver's lap and she's the only passenger. Your turn again, Lucy. Beg my ungentlemanly thoughts, but Lucy and her ginger topped sweet topless body tends to make prurient thoughts race through my head like greyhounds chasing a rabbit. Only, I don't want to eat the rabbit, I want to rub it all over with hot baby oil then tickle it with feathers. I don't know, maybe the greyhounds really want to do that too. I can't read dog minds.

Lucy, you are my sweet teated treat. I have been fond of you through think and skin. I think that's how the expression goes. Someday, we shall be together and the sounds of our merry giggles shall be matched only by the primal screams of our passions. And that's just the first date. Call me, let's make this happen. My iPhone informs me my calendar is open until as far as the calendar goes. Enjoy.

Lacey Banghard Chests Up to Sam Cooke for Game on in Boobtastic Battle Mode


I love it when the girls get together for a little flouncy funbag in your face time. It's the world's least violent and most arousing competition we like to call the Battle of the Boobtastic. Two lovely ladies, four faptastic chestal fineries. One will walk away with the prize package of my earnest appreciation and un-ending desire while the other will walk away with pretty much the same.

I don't play favorites. But in the contest of summer melons betwixt Lacey Banghard and Sam Cooke, you must do that very thing. In your talented and experienced opinion, between these two ladies of my dreams, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: Lacey Banghard vs. Sam Cooke

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Mariana Braga Topless Natural Brazilian Model Dripping Goodness


Somebody once asked me if it was okay just to photograph a hot Brazilian model nekkid just because she was a hot Brazilian model who was nekkid. Okay, nobody ever asked me that, but I wish they would. I don't get the chance to say 'hell yes' often enough in my life. As in, hell yes I'd like to see Mariana Braga flashing her naturally nice funbags and loofah washing her lady nest. You know how I feel about loofahs, you definitely know how I feel about sextastic women's special happy places. Mix the two together and we have a big time wow. A damn wow.

Well, just take a look at these sinister hot photos by Alessandro Casagrande and come up with words of your own. If you are able to speak. Enjoy.

Charisma Carpenter Topless Birthday Silent Nekkid Protest on Instagram In All Her Glory


The legendarily veteran hot Charisma Carpenter took a stand on her birthday by posting a topless photo of her extraordinarily hot body and posting it to Instagram, a Facebook company, that abides by the same Taliban views on the female body as its parent company, meaning censure and loss of accounts for showing nipples. It's wrong, everybody knows it's wrong, but Facebook earns twenty million dollars a second, so, yeah, they're not feeling the need to change. So be it.

I normally don't show sweet un-starred treats on the homepage of Egotastic! It bothers the people who sell laundry detergent a whole lot, even though they don't think people who appreciate the female anatomy deserve laundry detergent in the first place. In honor of Charisma's character, confidence, and most importantly, those ridiculously hot jugs, here she is presented in her full glory.

(Thank you to so many of you EgoReaders who snagged this photo of Charisma before it was removed.)

Bridget Malcolm Just Signed with Victoria’s Secret, Now She’s Topless in V, Glory Be


It was just last Christmas when young Aussie model Bridget Malcolm got her big break as a bikini model for her debut with Victoria's Secret. Now, we get to see her slender, but sextastic frame bared in a Mario Testino shoot for V Magazine. That's some pretty heady stuff. Not to mention body stuff. And Bridget has that going on. Yes, she's a slight framed hottie, but she's young and a fashion model and nothing I can't mitigate while I feed her hearty sandwiches all winter long as she accidentally remains trapped in my high mountain top cabin in the woods.

There's nothing better really than when we get to meet a new sweetheart and bing, bang, boom, there are her bare funbags for impression directly into the forever libido. I'm a happy man today, a spring in my step, and a slight strain of the retinal cones. But in the service of a greater good. Bridget Malcolm, you are that greater good. Enjoy.

Humpday Huzzah! Holly Peers Faptastic Funbags Ever So Perfect in Zoon


I feel like I haven't seen Holly Peers perfect chesty delights in forever. Even an hour away from her nurturing mammaries is too long for any man, let alone a baby, to endure.

Featured in this month's Zoo magazine, Holly shows why she doesn't need much styling or set decoration, let alone wardrobe, to be the belle of the visual ball. She's the kind of neighbor lady you hope doesn't install shades because she assumes nobody would be crazy enough to build a fifty-foot ladder of thatch and gum just to peek into her boudoir. Those are the kind of neighbor ladies that have yet to live next door to me. I'd build an escalator to the moon for the chance to see Holly lotioning her perfect jugs each evening. Then I'd never get off of it. Damn, Holly, you get me every time. Enjoy.

Super Hot ‘Roommate’ Cristi Nekkid Peeping in Her Apartment


Joe Wehner specializes in voyeuristic shots of desperately hot girls in everyday nekkid type situations. He's working on a new photo book called Roommates which peeks into the boudouir skin filled delights of young models such as Cristi featured herein. If you don't understand how Joe's photographic passions and my own love of all things peeping align, then you haven't been around here long enough. We're like an eHarmony match.

Now back to the heavenly hot model Cristi, the unwitting subject of voyeuristic New York roommate shots. Blessedly, Cristi is that perfect roommate who happens to be exceptionally hot, and also fond of walking around the flat quite nekkid. She's not the girl you go to as roommates and tell her she needs to put some clothes on. Unless you're other jealous girl roommates, then you probably do. Or all make sweet tender love in the bathtub together if this is the photo book swirling around my mind. Pure genius. My roommates have never looked quite like this. Enjoy.