From Russia With Lust: Helga Lovekaty Topless Hair Pulling For Wicked Bondage Shoot

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In addition to a girl I was dating pre-informing me that if I ever brought out cuffs, she’d kick me in the nuts and call the cops, the best thing to come out of 50 Shades of Grey is all the hot knockoff homage pictorials. It didn’t take much to remind the avid hot girl photographer that bondage and nudity were going to be very big in the first half of 2015, if not for the rest of time and space. Hence, a peekaboo hot look at the BDSM antics of Russian model Helga Lovekaty. The name alone sparks intrigue, the smoking hot body without any clothes sparks much much more.

Shot for Marvin Studios, this ball gag and leather collar bit of fetish time fun isn’t for everyone, but it certainly is for someone. The rapture inducing boobtastic and body amazing of Helga Lovekaty would look ever so perfect in just about any setting. A bit of consensual hair pulling is definitely one of them. I can’t imagine this decreases the number of people experimenting with bondage. Though I would recommend finding a girl as sextastic as Helga before beginning the process. It certainly can’t hurt. I bet it helps. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Mavrin Studios


Sienna Eschews Clothing in Her Lower East Side Apartment


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The Purple magazine diary of models on the Lower East Side baring their natural wares in their apartments continues to amuse and intrigue me. Those are fancy words for making one crazy horny. As is the case with their latest model exposed, Sienna. When you have but one name, you better look darn good without your clothes on. Well, situation confirmed for Sienna who reminds us once again that the best apartment ever is the one with the sextastic nekkid young woman hanging out in it.

I’ve had many apartments and many roommates, none that quite match up to this blonde natural hottie. If so, perhaps I’d been more gentlemanly about not using all the hot water or putting the seat down. I’m situationally couth. And the sight of a sweet unclothed model is exactly the situation I’m speaking about. This might be the time to remind people that I’m not a role model for your children. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Kristin Gallegos For Purple Diary

Cassandra Swaby Strips Down Naked For ‘Bedlam’

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The sexy Cassandra Swaby bared it all for the new movie Bedlam. And when I say bared it all I mean ALL. First she stripped off the top, freeing her luscious boobage for all the world to see. She’s got an awesome pair of all naturals that with the upturned nips that all the kids are into. I wouldn’t mind motorboating those bad boys until dawn. But she didn’t stop there. She continued on letting her lady flower fly free of its constraints. Her whole body is a work of art, but like I said, natural. That’s what I’m into. I got to say that I’m really not a fan of the fake plastic look. If you notice we don’t have a lot of those here. I mean, some but not a lot.

All I know is that I’m definitely seeing this movie. Maybe they’ll be other scenes of nudity fun.

Photo Credit: “Bedlam” After Dark Films

Kristina Peric Topless Natural Hotness By The Pool For Treats!

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For those who may have seen Kristina Peric, the beauty of Belgrade, in her photo tryouts for SI, well, today is an even more splendid blessing. Kristina now appears quite devastatingly topless by the pool in this brilliantly boobtastic David Benoliel shoot for Treats magazine, purveyor of all things fine female form without clothing.

Kristina has that hot worldly model look which considering she’s just a late teen means she’s going places. When she removes her top to reveal her au natural natties and a whole lot of hot bodied perfection, one of those places is definitely going to be the storage locker in your libido. The tug vault as the kids used to call it. Kristina is just one amazingly sextastic woman willing to share the bounty that is her body. I can think of no more benevolent act available to our species. I’ll keep thinking while I keep staring. This is ogle worth to the finest degree. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: David Benoliel For Treats!

Nichole Barrett Topless Highrise Sunrise

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I’m really digging the series of au natural model sets Yume magazine is highlighting in various common settings. The hi-rise series is particularly intriguing to me as I’ve always had this fantasy of hot nekkid women in tall buildings ever since watching every Sharon Stone movie ever made in the 80′s and 90′s. I believe that’s the plot of all of them.

Nichole Barrett does some fine female form work here as the topless seductress on about the 27th floor of a building that exists repeatedly in my dreams. I once lived in a hi-rise but it was primarily a retirement condo so I don’t remember seeing anything close to this kind of skin-filled hotness. There was Mrs. Epstein who’d walk down the hall frequently in the buff, but she was well into her 80′s and kept claiming she was supposed to meet her friends at the lake. Not the same. Nichole Barrett, let me know your apartment number so I can come by and adjust those shades. What a body. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Yume Magazine

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Young Madonna Rare Nude Photos Uncensored

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I’m going to go ahead and bet my pretty face on the fact these photos of Madonna in her teen art model days are of the barely legal variety. As many of you may remember from memorizing the Material Girl’s life story, when she first started out away from home she paid the bills by serving as a nude model for art students and photographers alike. My read on this has always been that Madonna went into this with eyes wide open, a precocious, self-confident, and exhibitionist young woman from the get-go. Also, it did pay the bills.

Celebrate Nude Madonna With PlayboyPlus $1 Sign-Up Special! 

Our friends at PlayboyPlus have got their hot woman baring paws on some of the very original topless photos of Madonna from early photo work, revealing the body of a girl born to be famous. Or at least, command some serious attention. Every hero has their origin story, most every celebrity their risque photo backstory. If I’m Madonna, I’m nothing but proud of this work. I’m not Madonna, which is why I can’t seem to get a table at any decent restaurants. Still, we get some might fine ogles. Good on you, Madge. This is quite a scrapbook of your early work. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Playboy Plus

Alexandra Park Bikini, Nina Dobrev In A Towel, Billie Piper Brought Back To Topless Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

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Something old and something new, something hot to turn your bobos blue. I kind of changed that saying a bit I suppose to fit our particular Boob Tube Roundup needs this week. Alexandra Park and Merritt Patterson showing off bikini boobtastic in The Royals, Billie Piper re-animated in topless form in Penny Dreadful, Lotte Verbeek in Outlander flashing her Funions, and the deliciously delightful Nina Dobrev never quite nekkid enough in Vampire Diaries, but still so damn hot.

If you had any wondering as to whether the small screen or the big screen is showing more hot lady skin these days, it’s not even close really. The cineplexes are relegated to keeping the flaunting flesh away from the kids lest they turn into sociopathic beasts at the sight of nipples. Meanwhile, the multiple viewing options at home are proving you can have quality television and quality racks all in one show. A couple steps forward, a couple steps back. You’re only breaking even if you’re not sure where to look. Enjoy.

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