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Charlotte Spring Topless Bubble Bath in the Kitchen Sink — Why? Because We Like It


I'm not exactly sure why bodacious curvaceous boobtastic Charlotte Springer is sudsing herself in lingerie in the kitchen sink. But if I found her in my abode doing just that, I certainly wouldn't ask her why. I come from the school of, don't talk about good things or they might go away.

It's a cultural thing I suppose and quite contradictory since I'm pretty sure I spend most of my day talking about good things. Or great things, like the faptastic soapy melons on Charlotte Springer. Oh, how I'd love to be the guy who makes sure all those minuscule bubbles are popped across her slippery body. I need to check for that job. I'm available weekends. Enjoy.

India Reynolds Motions for Rosie Jones to Step Forward and Battle Boobs


It's always difficult for me when two particularly favorite ladies of the lust-inducement industry step into the same round ring of titular excellence to compete chest to chest for the top melons of the week. It's like kissing your cousin, if your cousin happens to be crazy hot with a rack built in heaven itself.

In this week's Battle of the Boobtastic, India Reynolds takes on Rosie Jones for the ultimate conflict of sweet teats smooshed up against one another in contention for the crown. I haven't the stomach or heart to decide between these two luscious female forms. So, decide you must, break a heart, elate a soul, it's up to you. Between these two faptastic sweethearts, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: India Reynolds vs. Rosie Jones

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Raquel Zimmermann Topless Flaunting Her Picture Perfect Body in Love Magazine


Granted, there is all kinds of art and majesty and styling and themes and other elements for which the gentleman ogler has little use in this Raquel Zimmermann topless pictorial in the new edition of Love Magazine. Then again, there is the little matter of the sextastic Brazilian supermodel flashing her swollen perfect funbags in a number of shots designed to be soft enough for a woman, but strong enough for a man.

We only get to see Raquel every now and then. I'm not sure if she's semi-retired or been taking time off from work. At one point, she was ranked as one of the top models in the world and covering so many prominent magazines. I'll gladly accept her return to the fold by way of some perfectly perty mammarial treats. Maybe you can never go home again. But it can't hurt to be topless while you try. Enjoy.

Sarah Summers Topless Epic Hotness for Black and White Summer Tributes (And Free Playboy.TV)


That's the kicker. I want you guys to sign up for Playboy.TV for the one week free trial I keep nagging the good folks at Playboy Online to offer our readers because the content is rip-roaring good times. There's nothing wrong with seeing gaggles of extremely good looking hot-bodied young ladies rolling around in the bathtub together. I'm not exactly sure what else you're spending your time on, but unless you're actively curing cancer, it's not time spent more wisely. And even people curing cancer need a break at night.

Playboy.TV Free For Seven Days!

To celebrate my love of all things hot and topless and Playboy relate, I wanted to give an ode to summer by way of this spectacular pictorial of the sextastic Sarah Summers in black and white and deep rich passion inducement all over. If Sarah's ridiculously hot body doesn't cause you to feel feverish, you should see your doctor. Your cork might be stuck. Damn you, Sarah Summers. I was hoping to get a little productive work done here. Enjoy.

Humpday Huzzah! Gracie Lewis Topless Bodacious Goodness in Blue Lingerie


Sometimes you just need a little lift in your step, a little zip in your, um, zipper, some things like that. Here to help you out this midweek mammary celebratory time is Britty curvaceous wonder Gracie Lewis. She's all heart. Or close to the heart. And she's showing off her just outstanding udders in all their glory removing bits of her blue lingerie in the process.

On Wednesdays we do like to celebrate all that is wholly wonderful in this world. Why not start with the nurturing bosom of Mother Nature. And if she's not available for the gig, her sextastic pet projects the likes of Gracie Lewis. In this cleavage you will find peace. I mean, after the first fifteen minutes or so of motorboating frenzy, naturally. Huzzah!

Jessica Impiazzi Topless TOWIE Sunbathing Uncensored and Off the Racktastic


Reality TV giveth and it taketh away. We know what it takes away. Our humanity. Our souls. And our dignity. But, perhaps a small price compared to what it has given us. A stable full of attractive young women with major league bazoongas competing for worldwide attention. That's never been a bad thing.

The Only Way Is Essex in the U.K. has brought us a whole gaggle of young curvaceous hotties with not much on their minds, but oh so much on their bodies. Or in the case of Jessica Impiazzi on holiday, not so much on her body as she removed her bikini top to reveal just a stellar pair of Funions in need of a little sunshine. Oh, my, those are passion inducing peaches. Jessica, thank you. Reality television, thank you even though you know not what you do. Even a broken clock shows off its ridiculously hot bare body twice a day. Enjoy.

Jehane Gigi Paris Topless Black and White Hotness Part Deux


We saw some of this ridiculously hot Chris Shintani photo set of Jehane Gigi Paris a little while back. But hot topless bodies with outstanding curb appeal require we drill down to find every instance of such visual wonderment, hence, part deux of an extended look at this anatomically inspiring series.

You know I've falling head over heels with every inch of this French model turned part-time Hollywood vixen. Jehane Gigi Paris has that very special 'it girl' quality that has me looking at it for about an hour here now nonstop. It's hard to describe the feelings of special racing through my neural network at this precise moment. If I was a droid, I'd be sparking and smoking. Jehane, you nourish both man and machine with your stellar fineries. Please, we need more. Much much more. Enjoy.