Agua Bendita Swimwear Posts:

Candice Swanepoel Owns Swimwear, Owns December

Odd to think that one of the world's finest and most prolific swimwear model would have her busiest and biggest month each year in the dead of winter, but that is the case for the uber-sextastic South African Candice Swanepoel who crams wicked hot catalog shoot after shoot into her Winter month for the benefit of Summer sales the following year.

In her latest and greatest, the fiercely fine female form that is Candice gets all beachy (fake) tan for Agua Bendita swimwear, showing you exactly what you hope to see when you take your beach vacation this year. A crazy hot young woman strutting the beach like a tiger waiting to be uncaged. It's very feline. And, you will be left wanting some... well, never mind, you complete the cat pun yourself. Enjoy.

Sara Sampaio Wicked Hot and Bothering Me for Agua Bendita

The single hottest thing to ever come out of Portugal, Sara Sampaio, a true raven haired alluring model, continues her reign of wonderfully tingly terror for the Agua Bendita clothing line. Though I'm looking at Sara in these tiny two pieces and I'm not so much thinking about swimming pools and beaches as I am ravishing her with tremendous enthusiasm in the backseat of my tried and true Corolla. The hump in the seat will only serve to heighten our physical sensations as Sara speaks to me various Portuguese idioms that sexually started fisherman exchange with their wives when back from sea.

Let's do this, Sara, and make even the gods jealous of our mortal flesh and my ability to sweat profusely even in the winter months. Enjoy.

Kendall Jenner Bikini Pictures Continue Their Hot Leaking from Agua Bendita

We saw some of this promotional bikini photo set from Kendall Jenner before, but here's more of the almost almost barely legal Kendall Jenner doing what she does best nowadays, being the body model pimping tiny little outfits or swimsuits.

Like the colorful two piece assortments from Agua Bendita. Kendall may still be a not so innocent teen, but her professional talents are steadily rising. When she turns eighteen next month, it's quite possible I'll have a bit more to say on this topic. For now, Kendall Jenner bikini pics, it's all good. Enjoy.

BREAKING: Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner caught drinking drunk outside a bar in Hollywood.

Kendall Jenner Bikini Pictures From Agua Bendita Swimswear 2014 Early Look

Kendall Jenner is booking gigs faster than even her mom can cash and steal her paychecks. Just kidding. Sort of.

The taller, leaner, better looking Kardashian family daughter is fast rising even before her barely legal birthday upcoming, now appearing as the bikini and swimwear girl for the teaser of the Agua Bendita swimwear 2014 showcase. It's a big thing for Kendall who has earned her spot in the ranks of swimwear and soon to be lingerie ads by just being herself. Also having free time to work on her craft hasn't hurt.

As we count down the long awaited day until we can finally put true words to our thoughts about Kendall, why not do so while reviewing her fine modeling work. Enjoy.

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Irina Shayk In More More More Agua Bendita Swimwear Hotness

Being that it's the middle of winter, I suppose it's hard to contemplate the sultry hotness of warm tanned female bodies beneath the midday sun along some tropical locale, That is until you see part two of the ridiculously hot Irina Shayk Agua Bendita swimwear shoot for 2013. Man, oh, man, you will be thinking about nothing but warm climes, hot women, and the things you could do that might make you sweat.

We've said it before, if you want to be seen as a marketing genius at a swimwear or lingerie company, you hire Irina Shayk to model your wares, customers are utterly defenseless, and you are called a genius. The extreme sextastic makes everything simple. Enjoy.