Agua Bendita Swimswear

Irina Shayk Swimsuit Pictures Muy Caliente for Agua Bendita

You know it’s the dead of winter when the spring/summer catalog pictures are coming out. Don’t you know, high fashion runs a few seasons ahead of the game, whereas where I shop, at Target, they’re still pushing the Bin O’ Winter socks, where I doth partake and purchase regularly.

But the good news is that swimwear companies such as Agua Bendita have their hot weather gear good to go for 2013, and that means big time hottie model like Irina Shayk is brought in to use her bodily wares to promote the shizz out of the beach apparel. And, that the stunning Russian model certainly does, in a series of photos albeit designed to get women to purchase product, but, speaking for myself, has this man more than in the buying state of mind. Irina is just so effin’ hot! Enjoy.

Irina Shayk and Izabel Goulart Form a Swimwear Hottie Twosome for Agua Bendita 2013 (VIDEO)

Sometimes two great things come together to form just an epic combo of awesome that absolutely mandates sharing.

Consider that the case with super sextastic models Irina Shayk and Izabel Goulart in a tame, but super sweet bikini and swimwear photoshoot for the Agua Bendita 2013 line. Two of the most smoking hot women on the planet pimping wet and just all kinds of delicious. We have to insist you check this out. Enjoy.