Agent Provocateur Lingerie

Sarah Stephens See Through Lingerie For Agent Provocateur

Professional hot person Sarah Stephens is getting my pressure up in these lingerie pics for Agent Provacateur. Like all good lingerie this stuff is mainly see-through and serves the far more important purpose of showing off the goods than giving Sarah proper support. She’s got a phenomenal rack and perfect pink nips. They are perfect spheres of lovely breast flesh. They pull smaller, lesser ta-tas into their orbit. She’s also got a truly spectacular thumper. Seriously, if you can’t imagine wearing that thing as a hat then you, my friend, need to get yourself a new imagination. STAT. Her booty is so tight that you could bounce quarters off of it, which is a stupid use for such a glorious bottom. Seriously, get it together.

What I do know is that no woman who would deign to go out with most normal men would look anything like this in this exact same lingerie. Still, we can enjoy the pics.

Photo Credit: Agent Provocateur

Hailey Clauson Is Lingerie Busty and Stylized for Agent Provocateur

There’s nothing wrong with teen model Hailey Clauson getting into some hyper-stylized looks and little bits of lingerie for Agent Provocateur. Nothing wrong at all. The L.A. native model is moving on and moving up for the Euro lingerie line, showing off her wares cleavy tops and lacy bottoms in some retro kitschy throw back kitchen with a ton of set decoration that really you need not notice if your peeps are focused squarely on Hailey’s mighty fine female form.

I guess you do need a little bit of artistic flare to sell panties and bras to women. For me, you just need the sextastic tall model with the perfect body wearing tiny bits of lace and a ‘buy me’ sign. I’m a very eager shopper. Enjoy.

Violet Budd Drop Dead Sextastic for Agent Provocateur Lingerie

I’m not sure if that name is made up or if it’s just a perfect feminine description of the statuesque British mode standing before you in various complications of silk and satin on behalf of Agent Provocateur, makers of impossibly fantasy lingerie.

Violet Budd stands near on six feet tall, a sextastic mountain of a woman I’d love to climb, slowly, taking breaks at various elevations to admire the view and taste the ascent. She’s just one alluring brunette with a body built in the factory called Awesome. I wonder if she’s available for private shows. Not necessarily lingerie, could be puppet shows or Stranger Danger presentations. Both could be quite cheeky fun. Enjoy.

Sarah Stephens Pasties Covered Boobtastic Wicked Hot for Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur has the reputation for the raciest lingerie ads in the business, which I suppose makes sense as the purpose of lingerie is to make women feel their inner minx, while outwardly driving men crazy (don’t even get me started on our Sapphic leaning ladies prancing about for each other in little silky things, my head might explode).

The good folks at A.P. borrowed Aussie hottie Sarah Stephens, who might best be known in the lingerie world for walking the V.S. fashion show at just eighteen, for their latest catalog offering. Once again, pasties kind of ruin the mood. I understand that they can’t show bare nipples in their print photos, but pasties haven’t been exciting since 1930, or the last time I went to a Florida strip club, so, 1940. Let the crazy sexy ladies grab their own boobs I say if nipples are not the order of the day. Or, you know, let me stand in and provide the cover with my own hand-bra paws. I stand uncomfortably at the ready. Enjoy.

Sarah Stephens Stellar Asstastic Lingerie Pictorial for Agent Provacateur

You may recall Sarah Stephens from her memorable barely legal V.S. Fashion Show catwalk a few years ago, I certainly can’t forget, but if this is your first time seeing her, then welcome to the buttside and frontside of one wicked hot Aussie model doing what she does best, modeling bras and panties, in this case, for the risque Agent Provacateur line.

Now, we’ve seen hot butts and bodies before, you know, like 100,000 times, but we stil get a chill up our spine, and points radiating out thereof, when we catch sight of a girl from Hottieville hitting the sweet spot on her sextastic batting arsenal. And Sarah Stephens nails this one. Check her out. Say hello. And, enjoy.

Monica Cruz Lingerie Pictures So En Fuego You Might Just Hurt Yourself

Grab the ice packs and lay down the plastic matting, because Monica Cruz is about to ignite a flame in you that can only be squelched by sheer faptastic exhaustion.

The younger (and some of you would dare to say, hotter) sister of Penelope Cruz, Monica has a sweet track record of sextastic on film and the pages of magazines in her own right, not to mention a wicked hot body we’ve been desiring to cover with edible lotion for several years now. But Monica may have reached new heights in veteran sextastic circles with her lingerie pictorial for the purveyors of all things racy and lacy, Agent Provocateur lingerie.

I’m not sure if it’s the chains or the panties or just the bottomline heat coming off of Monica Cruz, but I am more than ready to purchase. Enjoy.