Aerie Swim

Nina Agdal Swimwear Pictures for Certain Signs of Summer Heat

There’s literally nothing Danish delight Nina Agdal can wear, or not wear, that isn’t simply spectacular.

Featured in the campaign for Aerie Swimwear this month, the rocketing-toward-hotness-stardom young model goes one piece and two-piece and reminds us why we’d love to have some private time with her in our luxury beach cabana. If we had a luxury beach cabana. So maybe the backseat of our Corolla parked at the corner of the State Beach parking lot where all the stoners hang out. Anywhere and anytime with Nina Agdal would be a romance to remember. All three to four minutes of it. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal Sexy Simple and Significantly Fantasy Inducing for Aerie Swimwear

When it comes to Nina Agdal, she could be wearing the bloody skulls of her defeated enemies and we would find her still super smoking desirable. The young Danish delight just has the knack of looking sextastic in any and all forms and wardrobes, though especially more amazing when stripped down to lingerie or bikinis, as in this new catalog photoshoot for Aerie 2013.

You know we don’t like to play favorites here at Egotastic!, but between you and me and our naughty calendar covered lampost, we’d be inclined to whisper into Nina’s ear that she was one of our faves, that is if security ever let us close enough to the ridiculously hot model to allow us to whisper.

Next step for Nina, some skin revealing all-overs. We’d like to die happy. Enjoy.