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Nina Agdal Selling Bras; I Couldn’t Be More Supportive

I would climb any mountain to see our Danish Delight Nina Agdal in her bra and panties. But it really is so much easier just to open a magazine in the privacy of your own office, boudoir, or latrine. The super-sextastic model is working about eight days a week these days, booking gigs faster than she can get in and out of her clothes, mostly for lingerie and swimwear companies that find her combination of sexy smile and wicked hot body to be perfect for their own bottom lines.

In this bra photoshoot for Aerie Lingerie, Nina once more shows why she is simply one of the single best undergarment pimpers in the world. If you believe that buying this bra is in any way shape or form going to make you as appealing as Nina Agdal, you’re going to be buying lots of bras. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal Not Camera Shy for Aerie Lingerie

Oh, man, the things I would like to do with Nina Agdal and a pair of bra and panties she can’t find after I hide them from her. The mind swirls with possibilities.

The Danish Delight continues her romp through the promotional gigs of major lingerie companies and through the deep nooks and crannies of our libidos in this latest and greatest pictorial for Aerie Lingerie. It’s almost unfair that so much pure good looking energy be gifted to but one body. But it has, the fine female form of the sextastic Nina Agdal. Predicting her rise toward the top of the charts two years ago was relatively easy looking back on it. Or, looking at her. Just so many genetic blessings. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal Drops Danish Delights Into Perfect Paris Lingerie

Oh, Nina Agdal, you have nearly perfected the art of looking totally comfortable in nothing but your undies. Exactly what we’d expect from the fastest rising star in the lingerie and swimsuit modeling game. A true Scandinavian treat, with a body we’d like to cover in Danish crumb cake and remove slowly, crumb by crumb, without the use of our hands. That would be a multi-sensational adventure.

Featured in her current catalog spread for Perfect Paris Lingerie, Nina Agdal basically lets you know you’re buying what she’s selling. No reason to debate. She’s most definitely in command. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal Lingerie Pictures Rain Down Danish Hotness

I’m not going to mince words. Hell, I can barely spell most words. Nina Agdal is one of the hottest looking women on this planet. If I could, I’d build an ark, find a way to make it rain for 40 days (not to mention 40 nights) and sail away with just Nina Agdal spending the next 20 years repopulating the postdiluvian landscape with the product of our cabin fever. Yeah, it’s like that.

Featured in the latest and greatest for Aerie lingerie, Nina Agdal looks like a million bucks. Which is probably close to what it costs you now to get her to slip into something more comfortable and silky and allow you to take happy time photos of her. But, on the ark, it’ll all be part of the cruise package. Let it rain! Enjoy.

Nina Agdal Lingerie Pictures So Hot They Will Melt Your Mind

We continue to believe that Nina Agdal will be on the cover of tons of magazines, the highlight of world popular photoshoots, and the spankable vision in the minds of most boys 12-82 coming very soon, as it were. The ridiculously hot Danish delight continues to show why her modeling paychecks are doubling and quadrupling, in her latest mini-pictorial for Aerie Lingerie, wherein Nina just lets the body do the talking even as she’s pimping little bits of clothes.

Nina’s body is almost unreal, but so are the quite perverse thoughts we have about her, a love seat, and a bottle of Heinz cocktail sauce, so it all evens out. Just so wicked hot. Enjoy.