Adult Entertainment Expo

2015 Adult Entertainment Expo Day Jillian Jansen, Riley Reid And Phoenix Marie

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I know what you’re thinking. A convention of porn stars and adult entertainers and promoters sounds pretty boring. Yep, indeed. What could be more boring than a Vegas meeting hall filled with chesty naughty prurient sextastic devils who trade in the naughty for their day jobs. I mean, just look around. Half nekkid girls, topless girls, girls grabbing their hooters, girls making out. Who need that? Ahem.

The Adult Entertainment Expo concluded with a bang over the weekend. And from what I hear, a few more bangs back in the hotel rooms before, after, and during the show. That’s a bad pun. It’s also the truth. If you do ever get a chance to visit the show in January, I’d highly recommend it. In the very worst, you’ve got Vegas. In the very best, well, take a peek through the photos I thought best highlighted the mature themed entertainment event. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Hitome Tanaka, Phoenix Marie, Samantha Saint Lead the Lovely Cast of Adult Stars at Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas

If you happen to like porn stars, I mean, not in the midst of filming per se, then you should be in Las Vegas this week hanging out at the Adult Entertainment Expo where you can meet and greet and occasionally squeeze and tease your favorite adult film stars. By personal vow, I now consume zero hours of adult entertainment per month, plus or minus one thousand hours for rounding errors. But I’m told many people know these cinema stars rather well, even if they are wearing some clothes and standing upright.

Revel in your tour of the sweet boobtastic girls at the Adult Expo that bring so much happiness to so many people through their sweat and toil. Especially that sweat. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Going to the AVNs This Weekend in Las Vegas?

On the off chance your girlfriend or wife isn’t too keen on your hitting up Vegas this weekend for the AVNs and Adult Entertainment Expo, I figured I’d give you a little advanced preview of what the sights are like on this particular weekend in January every year. First, imagine pretty much every single porn star in the world is walking up and down The Strip. So, like most weekends in Vegas, only better.

Besides the convention activities, there’s the adult-A-list awards show which is kind of like the Oscars, only worth watching. The people work awfully hard throughout the year to produce the content you’re watching far more often than most of the Oscar nominated films. My hat is off to these ladies, though, be sure to wear a hat should you ever be so lucky. You know. Enjoy.

(P.S. If you can name all the girls in these photos, you my friend are an adult entertainment junky.)