Jessica Lowndes Flashes Some ‘Ship of the Desert’ After Sweaty Yoga Workout

Oh, lycra stretchpants, how you give and give.

90210 TV starlet Jessica Lowndes joined the rest of the celebrity hottie community in Miami this week, the sextastic brunette taking some time out of holiday celebration to hit the Bikram yoga studio where they crank the temperatures up to one bazillion degrees so that the entire facility turns into one foot and body order hotbox. On the upside, there is the blood racing sweat. Which did lead Jessica Lowndes to embark looking all kinds of hot and bothered and what appears to be slightly swollen in her nether regions, flashing what appears to be the toe o’ the camel sneaking out from beneath her stretchpants seam.

We’d probably need CSI Miami to get us the real skinny, or, puffy, as it were. Enjoy.

AnnaLynne McCord Provides Body Heat in Boobtastic Blue Swimsuit on Set of 90210

What these girls are doing on the sets of TV shows filming this December is downright deserving of a medal of some kind. One I’d like to pin on their bottoms for meritorious flashing of the skin during inclement weather.

AnnaLynne McCord threw her own sexy swimsuit body into the mix filming an absolutely plot-necessary jacuzzi scene for the craptastic 90210 TV show and we couldn’t be more pleased. Sure, she might get a cold, perhaps a touch of the pneumonia, but a small price to pay for our ability to leer at the lean, hot body of our very favorite 90210 thespianic. 

AnnaLynne McCord Just Plain Old-Fashioned Beauty on Set of 90210

Unless once a month you find yourself running awkwardly from your high school chem class to the bathroom for an emergency heavy flow plug, the show 90210 probably doesn’t hold much direct appeal to you, but there’s no denying, like Gossip Girl, this craptastic TV soap knows how to get attention via hotties. Not the least of which has been a wonderful couple of years now with the lean and sexy AnnaLynne McCord, who we are so glad came into our visual lives. Despite former problems with Kate-Bosworth-style-non-eating-habits, AnnaLynne has filled out in the past year enough so that we can now ogle her womanly form with even fuller pleasure.

The fact that AnnaLynne runs to Chik-Fil-A for her noshing needs just confirms the fact that she will likely someday be our future ex-wife. Now if only we had caught a better view of that side baring dress, we’d be in heaven. Enjoy.

AnnaLynne McCord Asstastic and Cleavy Magician’s Assistant (Find the Bonus Nipslip)

That’s not a rabbit in my hat, I’m just damn glad to meet you.

I think 90210 is still about kids in high school, or maybe it’s college now, not exactly sure, but most every episode seems designed around getting the sextastic AnnaLynne McCord into some type of hokey, but revealing costume, to which I say, now, that’s great television!

The latest incarnation of this boob tube direction, the lithesome AnnaLynne McCord as an old-school magician’s assistant, a silly get-up, made noteworthy by its betwixt-legs baring properties, not to mention a nice bit of cleavetastic plunge. Best of all, AnnaLynne serves the whole bit or burlesque up with an award winning smile that says, ‘yeah, I know this isn’t really acting, but I know you’re not really listening to my words, so let’s call it a draw.’ So true, AnnaLynne, who can hear a peep when lost in a good ogle of your delightful body (and, yes, there is some nipplage to behold). Enjoy.

AnnaLynne McCord Goes Leggy Cleopatra for Your Cosplay Fun Times

Let’s be clear — I’m in lust with AnnaLynne McCord. Since it looks like she took our advice and started adding actual calories to her diet, the lust doth grow. Throw in a Cleopatra costume, and I’m pretty much good to go with fantasies that begin with her long long legs and pretty much need not go farther, well, not much farther.

By the way, thank you to the writers of 90210 for putting AnnaLynne McCord in a bevy of delightful cosplay moments for this upcoming season. Now, if you could just pen into your next episode, ‘Naomi faces the camera, undresses…’  Enjoy.

Just Like An Amazing Dream: AnnaLynne McCord Gets Soaked in Her Underwear

I love when life imitates art. Or is that art imitating life? In any event, reality imitating my 3am dreams is superior to both. AnnaLynne McCord. In her underwear. Wet. That’s three solid notches up the fantasy chain. Of course, somebody has to towel her off, and that’s where notch four comes in to play.

The sextastic raison d’être for 90210 took to the campus at UCLA to film some bra and panties dash across campus scene that would be just another brief moment of craptastic television, were it not for the entirely amazing views of the underwear-only-clad AnnaLynne McCord running and being pelted by water balloons. Sometimes, dreams do come true.  Enjoy.

AnnaLynne McCord Back in L.A, Back on Set, and Back in a Bikini

We’ve missed AnnaLynne McCord. She kind of went hippy chick on us with her off-broadway show and hipster boyfriend and N.Y. Arts District apartment and a whole bunch of other creative endeavors that have thrown our young sextastic actress of her previously delightful course of tiny outfits and wardrobe malfunctions and late night club party pictures. Self-actualization is great, but not when it takes away from our opportunities to ogle her hotness, we must protest.

Thankfully, paychecks came calling and AnnaLynne McCord has returned to the set of 90210 and Hollywood, a place that knows how to peddle in the provocative, including AnnaLynne McCord back on set in an old school, but still flattering black bikini. Is she back for good? A good 2:00AM nip slip photo in the coming weeks will be a better sign. Enjoy.