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Elsa Hosk Topless Swedish Goodies in 7 Hollywood Magazine

Elsa Hosk Topless in 7 Hollywood Magazine Winter 2014
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Oh, happy days when our Swedish model belusted Elsa Hosk takes her top off for 7 Hollywood magazine, well, for any magazine really, or just to announce in my direction that she’s ready for our next private Swedish lesson. That too would be nice.

I understand that European models have less hangups about removing their clothes and exposing their benevolent goodies to the world. I understand and thank the heaven’s daily. Without Swedish beauties like Elsa flashing their funbags, where would we be as a civilization? Well, ten steps back and not nearly as happy. Keep up the good work, Elsa. Enjoy.

Irina Shayk Covered Topless in a Hollywood Black and White Fantasy

7 Hollywood magazine is calling this their fantasy issue. They could’ve just as easily called it my fantasy issue, because perusing Irina Shayk barely covered topless in this hot pictorial, well, it’s definitely something straight out of my REM sleep moving images. Right about 4am when I subconsciously test the resolve of my pillows in ways they are never pre-tested in the factory.

Irina Shayk is a fantasy girl quite on her own. You throw in some leather and some suspenders slung tightly over her bare fine boobtastic and you have the makings of some epic imagery that you might wake up smiling to twenty years hence. Irina Shayk has got a bottomless reservoir of the sextastic. I’d love to dive in. Enjoy.