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Jennifer Nicole Lee Comes to the Egotastic! Offices For 2 Random Minutes (VIDEO)

You know how I feel about hot women. You know how I feel about hot moms. And you better believe when I read that BBW turned MILFtastic fitness instructor Jennifer Nicole Lee was newly single and in need of a man, I went and bought out the entire shelf of Axe body spray options at the local CVS. Then I called up Jennifer and invited her out to Los Angeles to meet her odiferous destiny. As with all sextastic women I meet, all she wanted to do was talk. Such is my lot in life. But I did get Jennifer to share a little bit of her fun, naughty fitness mommy self for my camera before she punched me and took my milk money.

Check out my Random 2 Minutes interview with Jennifer Nicole Lee and see if you don’t experience flashbacks to the first toned spin instructor whoever yelled submissive lust into your heart. Enjoy.

Joanna Krupa and I Go a Couple Rounds (VIDEO)

Joanna Krupa Loves a Good Fight!

Look, there were only so many late night phone calls I could take with Joanna Krupa begging to see me before I finally had to let the supremely hottie stalker onto my sacred grounds. If I had a nickel for every time one of the world’s hottest women pleaded to see me in person, I’d have not so many coins. But, boy, was hanging out with Joanna Krupa fun.

The hottest of the Real Housewives (by, oh, twenty leagues or so) has a new Joanna Krupa 2014 Calendar out you must check out if you happen to like sextastic women mostly nekkid. We discuss Joanna’s calendar, her love life, her feud with ‘tampon stringing’ Brandy Glanville, her caught topless photoshoot moment, and some other fun stuff in our 2 Random Minutes With interview. It was quite the happy time. Enjoy.

Carmen Electra Visits Egotastic! (I Nearly Peed Myself)

Carmen Is Just Hitting Her Sexual Peak!

If you build it, they will come. But building things sounds like lots of work. It’s much simpler to trick ridiculously hot women into coming into your offices for a serious journalistic endeavor. I’m not a serious journalist, so the real goal is to pretend to be one with a straight face. Such it is that I found the outrageously veteran hot Carmen Electra in my humble digs talking about how horny she is all the time. OMG as the kids say. I merely whimpered in a ball on the floor and asked if I could taste her toes. It seemed romantic and appropriate at the time.

The celebrity hottie named by Prince himself has a new single out, Werq (available on iTunes) and one remarkably intense 2014 wall calendar. But what Carmen is really selling is herself. The ripest, shiniest, tastiest apple in the barrel. I bet she snaps deliciously when you bite into her too. Check out my 2 Random Minutes interview with Carmen and see if you can figure out what ‘Sushi Slamming’ means. Enjoy.

2 Random Minutes With Backdoor Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham (VIDEO)

What's On Farrah's Mind?

If you saw my bucket list, it might quite surprise you. Forget things like climbing Kilimanjaro and traversing Greenland and even going into space, the things I love are meeting the girls we cover, or uncover, and nobody has been covered and uncovered this past week quite as much Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham.

So, we did an interview. It was fun. A little something I like to call 2 Random Minutes With. Just Farrah. Not me. Much better.

See Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah AbrahamAnd, while you’re at it. It’s time to see the full, unedited Backdoor Teen Mom video. I have many comments about the tape, but as a pure adult bit of entertainment, scenically, it’s definitely right up there. And, let’s be honest, you will not see celebrity backdoor but maybe once or twice in your lifetime, if you live long enough.

You can get Farrah Abraham Backdoor Teen Mom and all other celebrity sex tapes to watch for just a few shekels. Do it now. It’s better than your next sandwich. Enjoy.

Kenda Perez from Fuel TV’s ‘Best of Pride Fighting Championships’ Visits Egotastic! We Turn To Soft Boiled Goo

Do you happen to love super hot girls who love MMA? Yeah, we thought so.

So do we. So when we got word that Kenda Perez, hottie host of Best of Pride Fighting Championships on Fuel TV, was coming to visit little old Egotastic!, well, first we blushed like schoolgirls, then we vomited, then we hid under our desk in the fetal position for approximately 87 minutes, but once we got talked out of it by our resident rehab counselor, we got super stoked. We love hot girls who dig sports, especially hands on, mano e mano action sports like MMA. (The hottie Latina element is just a bonus we could barely consider or else risk finding ourselves under the desk again.)

Of course, we insisted Kenda stay for a photoshoot, as we just happened to have our camera locked and loaded, and the lithesome super fit hostess even sat for an interview that was hella fun. When hot girls giggle, we melt into some type of mumbling goo. We’re not proud of it, nor can we control it.

Be sure to check out Kenda Perez on Fuel TV and check her out in this Exclusive Egotastic! photoshoot and ’2 Random Minutes With’ Video. Enjoy.

(P.S. Amazing photography by: Matthew Wardenaar)

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Sexy Madison Dylan Visits Egotastic! To Celebrate Femme Fatales Season Finale (VIDEO)

Whoa. Ooph. And, a double dang. Somehow, the good folks at Cinemax found out that we were all big fans of their boobtastic fantastic naughty drama, Femme Fatales, starring Tanix Phoenix, and they sent over an emissary from their sextastic creation in celebration of tonight’s season finale episode of the first season (and, they are coming back for another season).

Say hello to Madison Dylan. So hawt. A tall blonde minx straight out of Kansas, like an amazingly hot version of Dorothy, who landed in L.A., and found herself in the vixen-licious role of Alexis on Femme Fatales. When Madison arrived in our offices here, it was like the sun rising in the East, only, that wasn’t the sun, but we still all smiled at the dawn of something naughty. We sat Madison down for one of our 2 Random Minutes With style interviews and found out that there was much brains behind that beauty (we also snapped a few fun photos from our pocket cam, just for the old keepsake’s sake, we share with you). Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out tonight’s season ending episode, Visions, Part 2 of Femme Fatales on Cinemax tonight at 11pm. You will not be disappointed.)

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Diana Falzone Lingerie Pictures Uncork The True Power of the Jersey Girl (VIDEO)


Here’s a little secret about the good and bell-curve midpoint intelligence folks who work at Egotastic! — we love sexy celebrity women. And, anyway we can get these amazing looking women to come visit us, well, that’s the one day of the week we all take showers (not together, mind you) and put on our nicest pairs of sandals.

We invited our friend and blogger and radio and online hostess to the stars (she also does stuff for Maxim we’re too jealous to talk about) Diana Falzone to visit us for an interview, and, she said, ‘yes’, which is something unusual to begin with, but when she asked if she could bring along her hot-off-the-digital-presses lingerie pictures to share with the Egotastic! audience, well then we just assumed we were being hornswoggled. But, no. It’s true. OMG, as the kids say. Holy Eff! as my dad used to say. And all things in between. This Jersey Girl undresses up quite nicely. Looking back on her visit, I probably should’ve put out the good mints, not the ones we stole from the restaurant cashier bowl at Denny’s. Enjoy.

(Photo credit: Michael Stewart)

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