Sylvie van der Vaart Bikini Parade of Hotness in St. Tropez

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bill-swift - August 3, 2013

While we certainly reveled in our trip to New York City this past week, I can't imagine our East Coast digs quite provided the same visuals as those available along the French Riviera this time of year, where Europe's finest looking ladies are assembled to finish off their summer tans.

Sweet luscious model ladies like Sylvie van der Vaart, the Dutch sextastic who you may recall we already admire for her struggle and survival over cancer at a far too young age, to re-blossom into one simply seductive beach going woman in two bikinis over the past two days in St. Tropez.

Mother Nature can be as benevolent as she can be harsh at times. The dualities of life. We focus on the blessings, as they come in such wonderful shapes and sizes. Enjoy.