Sylvie Meis Oiled Up In Spandex

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bill-swift - January 7, 2016

Sylvie Meis is all glistening with raw sexiness in these workout clothes pics. She's modeling a variety of tasty numbers that would turn heads at any gym from anyone with a pulse. Sylvie has a terrific pair of knockers which even look great in a sports bra. Not every woman can pull that off, you know. She needs the support while exercising or they'd fly up and whap her in the face. She also is showing off her tight and toned bare mid-riff. It's aspirational. The picture is saying, "If you buy these workout clothes and hit the gym you can have a stomach like this." Maybe so, but would they have an undeniably breathtaking booty like she does in the thong pic? I think that comes more from nature than from nurture. 

This time of year many of us are hitting the gym to keep that New Year's resolution to lose weight. If it means getting a date with Sylvie, I'll be working out every day. 

Photo Credit: Hunkemo?ller