Sylvie Meis (Formerly Van Der Vaart) Bikini Rainbow of Hotness in Greece

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bill-swift - August 12, 2014

Okay, so we're finally making the transition to Sylvie Meis since the hot blonde Dutch lingerie model is super single. I mean, if I'm going to be hitting on her unmercifully, I do feel more comfortable using her maiden name. Until such time as she takes my name in some fit of not very wise thinking. I sort of count on extreme lapses of judgement to make my social life successful.

Sylvie whipped out the rainbow bikini for her extended stay in Greece, and to make sure every single male suitor on the island was clamoring to get her number. I think it's about 24 digits in Greece, so only those with a good memory have a chance of reaching her in her private villa. Naturally, I'd just climb the walls. But Sylvie Meis does inspire me to great heights. So hot. Enjoy.