Sylvie Meis Displays Delicious Curves In Poolside Candids

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aldo-vallon - October 3, 2018

You will hear no judgement from me in regards to Sylvie Meis casual boob check. One can be performed for any number of reasons, but it does not really matter why. Maybe she wanted to make sure her swim top was still on. Maybe she was adjusting the fit so that there would be no nip slippage. Or maybe she just wanted to cop a feel of herself because boobs are awesome and there is no law against it (that I am aware of).

I wish touching yourself in public was more acceptable than it currently is.

Wait, that came out wrong. I’m talking non-sexually. If a person has an itch on their genitals, or needs to pluck a wedgie out of their crack, they should be free to do so regardless of any watching eyes. Otherwise they are forced to go through torture that is as extreme as any faced by POWs. Then they have to resort to extreme tactics to solve the issue, like an impromptu set of jumping jacks.

If we would all just back off with the judgement we could live in a world free of unwanted wedgies and un-itched balls. It would be beautiful.



Photo Credit: Backgrid USA