Sylvie Meis And Friends Lingerie Peeks For Hunkemoller

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bill-swift - March 28, 2016

Sylvie Meis is approaching her later 30's with sweat, sextastic, and her own signature lingerie line that is absolutely killing me. I'm almost tempted to begin working out. But that seems like too much trouble. I'd rather watch Sylvie stretch and tone and show off her body parts with her friends in little bras and panties. Is that really so wrong? I'm covering my ears for your answer.

Sylvie has blossomed since her jackass husband left her after her run in with cancer that left her unable to bear him more children. His loss, her gain, on the spousal front. This Dutch mega-hottie has redoubled her efforts to be the hottest MILF on the European lingerie stage. She looks rather nice on her epic bikini vacations as well. I'd  take you in, Sylvie, if you would have me. Prince, pauper, we're all the same under our clothes. Well, you're not the same, you're more incredibly incredible, though I'd have to take a look for myself. With my hands. I work by touch. Don't scream, it wakes the neighbors. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: Hunkemoller