Sydney Sweeney in a Cave!

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Echo Lawrence - February 9, 2021

HBO's it-girl Sydney Sweeney recently met up with photographer Christian Hogstedt to shoot for a magazine called Sbjct Journal. You might recognize the name of the mag because they brought us that trailer trash inspired Dove Cameron photoshoot last year.

Sydney sat down with the magazine to talk about how she started her acting career by convincing her parents to let her move to LA, she put together a full business plan and presented it to them, I'm sure they saw the potential in their daughter and it worked, because she's huge and only getting bigger!

The actress also spoke about landing her role in the HBO hit series Euphoria, that's the show that brought us a massive collection of her nude photos, it's called acting people! She also admits that she was nervous for her family to see her role on the show.

"I believe I had just finished filming The Handmaid’s Tale, and was back home in LA. I was up for this other show when I got sent the audition for Euphoria. I was actually really nervous about it in the beginning. I’m from a small town and I knew my family would have a hard time with my content in it. But when I read the pilot, I saw how powerful this show could be and the connection I felt with Cassie. So I put myself on tape and got it!"