Sydney Sweeney and Others Get in On ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ Premiere Cleavage Battle

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Mitch Jablonski - July 25, 2019

It seems like only yesterday—probably because it was—that we were ogling the finest cleavage on some of the hottest ladies attending the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood premiere. Well, there were even more hot women at the premiere than those we featured yesterday, including one of the hottest and bustiest stars of the moment, so let the battle continue!

Kicking things off is Sydney Sweeney, who set the world on fire last month with her topless debut on Euphoria, and here she was looking busty and beautiful in a pink dress. Seriously, if she doesn't have a permanent place on your celebrity safe list, you need to reevaluate some things. Vanessa Hudgens was also looking tight and all grown up, having finally loosed herself from the shackles of childhood stardom.

Sofia Vergara wasn't showing nearly enough cleavage for my taste, but she's still a stunner. The Love Witch star Samantha Robinson was also ravishing in her olive green dress, and rounding things out is child killer Rebecca Gayheart, who seems to have bounced back from the controversy that killed her career around the turn of the century. This is a battle for the ages and I'm too timid to declare a winner.

Photos courtesy of Mega Agency