Swedish Hottie Ela Rose Barely, I Mean, Barely Covered

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bill-swift - November 21, 2015

There's something almost admirable about these super hot unclothed photos of Swedish blonde model beauty Ela Rose. I say almost, because despite the artistry involved in keeping her lady fun bits barely covered with her arms and legs and slight body twists and turns, well, that's still a capital offense. 

Ela Rose is simply too hot bodied to not be completely uncovered. Though there is the rise of tingles seeing her attempt at securing herself a PG-13 rating with such a stellar R-rated body. Where there is skin there is hope. Where there is hot Swedish sextastic skin, there is happiness. I think Yoda said something like that in Epsiode 2.  If you want to sell the peaches, you need to put them out where everybody can see them. That wasn't Yoda, that was the grocery store manager where I worked for two weeks before a sudden firing due to underaged beer sales or something crazy like that. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Corey Epstein