Sweatastic Ashley Greene Will Kick Your Ass And You Will Love It

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bill-swift - May 10, 2011

Whoa, when did sweaty Ashley Greene turn into the super hot muscular dominatrix of the dreams that I only share with my shrink? In the three months since dumping her job as pretend girlfriend to 'super duper macho masculine' Joe Jonas, she's lost the sad-face, the extra-cushion and she's added a perma-smile and some ripped muscles and toned sweaty body that is just driving me all kind of aerobically nuts. Not nuts enough to say, rejoin the spinning class at my gym where even the BBW's were making fun of my game, but, nuts enough to wonder if she'd hire me to be her shower manager / towel boy.  No pay, natch, but some startling views of this comeback super hottie would be more than enough compensation. Enjoy.

(EgoNote: if your girlfriend attends a gym with valet parking, you, my friend, have a destiny that involves becoming super broke.)