Sveva Alviti Bikinis On Miami Beach

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bill-swift - August 13, 2014

Italian model and singularly hot person Sveva Alviti showed off her calzones on in a microscopic black bikini on Miami Beach. Sveva has the classic model's body. Slender but perky in all the right places. Take her boobalicious ta-tas for example. They aren't huge but they are a nice size and very perky. You can tell in the pic where she's covered topless. Also, her booty is outstanding in her thong bottom. Again, it's perky. I particularly like the pictures where she has been swimming. There is something about a woman's body when she's fresh from the ocean that is unbelievably sexy. It also helps if you look like Sveva. I'll freely admit that I was not familiar with Sveva before writing this piece. But after doing some research and staring at these pics I can honestly say I'm now a fan.

What I'd like to see is a photog taking pictures on the Riviera. You know they go topless there, right? What a glorious day that would be.