Sveva Alviti Bikinis Like A Pro In Miami Beach

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bill-swift - November 7, 2014

Italian hottie Sveva Alviti took some time off from riding around on Vespas and saying ciao all the time, (that's what they do in Italy, right?), to show off her bikini body in Miami Beach. She wore a very small blue bikini that accentuated her redonkulous figure. Her booty is molto bene, my friends. It's perfectly shaped and tight as a drum. You could bounce quarters off of that booty but that would be disrespectful and a waste of a quarter. The bikini bottom is really low cut so that you see that part of her hips that leads down to the golden palace in her pants. This is an oft overlooked part of the sexy female anatomy. Trust me boys, next time you are with a lady pay a little attention to this area. You'll thank me for it.

It's too bad she was in Miami and not Italy. She probably would have been topless in Italy. Stupid American nudity laws.