Suicide Squad Doing Reshoots To Up The Laughs

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michael-garcia - April 1, 2016

We're really excited for the new Suicide Squad movie here at Egotastic. It looks friggin' amazing in that great trailer scored to Bohemian Rhapsody. It looks like it's going to be dark but fun. But apparently, it's not very fun at all. It's just dark and violent. These are some of the criticisms of Batman V Superman, that it took itself way too seriously and forgot that superhero movies are supposed to be fun. Warner Bros. is panicking because they don't want the same thing said about Suicide Squad, so they are bringing back the cast and shooting multimillion dollar new scenes to up the yuck factor. They've apparently written more jokes and are cramming it into the movie whether it wants to or not. Having not seen the movie or the new material it is difficult to say whether this is a mistake...but it sure seems like a mistake. 

You can't just cram crap in, especially not comedy. That needs to be woven into the story or else it is going to look like what it is, a desperate clean-up job at the last minute. 

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