Stupid But Awesome: Watch this Vacuum Suck Fire Up

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bill-swift - March 20, 2013

If firefighters used vacuums to put fires out by sucking the flames up, then we'd all be dead. But if you're dealing with a small fire at home and don't have access to a hose or a bucket of water, then we recommend a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Or, er, not.

Some folks from Photonicinduction decided to put their Dyson to the test by having it vacuum the flames of a fire they started themselves. In an area surrounded by lots of plants and wood and other stuff that easily catch fire. Because yeah, they're smart like that.

Surprisingly, the fire was eventually put out after a number of sweeps with the vacuum cleaner. I'm not sure whether it actually vacuumed the flames (the smart answer would be no, obviously) or whether the vacuum merely stamped out the fire. All I can say is, the end result is not a pretty sight.

And remember: do not try this at home.

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