Stuff-a-Burger Press Makes Stuffing Burger Patties Quick and Easy

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bill-swift - May 3, 2013

Stuffed burgers are the bomb. They're delicious to eat but pretty tiresome to make--that is, if you don't already have this awesome gizmo called the Stuff-a-Burger Press. It's essentially a plastic burger press that that comes with a set of plates that help you create half-pound or three-quarter-pound burger patties stuffed with your favorite filling.

There's the matter of making sure the stuffed burger stays together and well-formed during the grilling process, but fret not, because there's also a neat burger accessory that'll help you out: the grilling basket.

Burgerception aka a burger within a burger? Made more possible with the Stuff-a-Burger Press.

Get It: $11.95

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