Street Fighter’s Blanka Trolls Real People Who Are Epic Failures (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - July 17, 2013

Blanka's as violent as trolls can get. But don't forget the fact that he was a troll before he was a fighter, and what was it again that trolls do best? Oh, yeah. Troll.

So here's Blanka, trolling a bunch of random folks and causing a lot of pain and embarrassment in between. No, really, these are just hilarious compilations of epic fail videos with Blanka inserted in the most opportune moments. It's chock full of clips of people doing stupid stuff (or attempting to, but failing), but nothing beats the douche at 1:20. Seriously, what was he thinking?

Hit 'play' on the player above to check out Blanka's best. You gotta love good video editing work like this.

This is first video in the series called Blanka is a Troll by Parodie de Pub. Want more? Stay tuned for Episode 2.

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