Stop Working and Watch the Trailer for ‘Horrible Bosses 2’ Right Now

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bill-swift - September 6, 2014

It doesn't seem like that long since the first Horrible Bosses came out, but it was actually the summer of 2011.

How long ago was that? Well to give you an idea, back then few people knew who Jennifer Lawrence was, and if they did she was that one chick from X-Men: First Class who was in that oscar-nominated movie nobody saw. Now she's J-Law, one of the biggest movie stars on the planet who sent the internet into convulsions last week when nude photos were hacked from her cell phone.

My point? The world changes pretty quickly, so at first I wondered if people are still interested in this franchise.

Then I saw the trailer for Horrible Bosses 2, which suggests Jennifer Aniston gets triple-teamed by Jason Bateman, Jason Sudekis, and Charlie Day. And now I'm pretty sure that, yes, once everybody else sees the trailer, they will pay money to see the film.

What else is the movie about besides the possible Jennifer Aniston gang bang? Well, the trailer doesn't shed too much light on that. We learn that the guys kidnap somebody and ask for a ransom. We learn that this somebody is Chris Pine. We learn that Jason Sudakis and Charlie Day are bad at spelling and math. And we learn that Christophe Waltz, Jamie Foxx, and Mike from Breaking Bad (Jonathan Banks) are in it. That's about it.

But really, who cares. I mean, you read the part about the possible Jennifer Aniston gang bang, right?

Horrible Bosses 2 hits theaters November 26, 2014.

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