Stop And See These Banging Katy Perry Bikini Candids On Vacation

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aldo-vallon - July 2, 2018

Say what you will about Katy Perry, but she is a woman who has consistently shown that she knows what her assets are, and in turn has shown those assets to a very generous degree. Her cleavage has been put on display so commonly that it makes me wonder what the percentages are of covered/uncovered. Those are the kinds of life statistics that I want to know about people. Screw the websites that tell me someone’s zodiac sign. What good is an outdated pseudoscience going to do for me when it has not even done the people who believe in it any good? But I can work with boob percentages.

Those are the kind of fun trivia facts that everyone loves to hear about at a party or job interview. They think, “Wow, this guy really knows his stuff. I bet he knows a lot of things.” Next thing you know you are being made an executive, living out the dream that was implanted in all of our heads by movies from the ‘80s. That is why I take such care in memorizing things relating to celebrities’ boobs. At least that is the story that I am sticking to.


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Photo Credit: Backgrid USA / Instagram