Stop And See Some of Bella Thorne’s Instagram Sexiness

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aldo-vallon - April 11, 2018

If Bella Thorne is planning on the weight of those safety pins being enough to keep her top down then all I have to say is, I agree. I am sure that is all that is needed and she should go right ahead and do jumping jacks, or play hop scotch.

Even if all she wanted to do was some stretching, she should feel confident in her choice. There is no need for something heavier, like fishing sinkers or Christmas ornaments, to weigh that shirt down or God forbid simply wearing a larger shirt.

I have heard many women complain about the pressures put upon them to spend a lot of money on clothing, but I think they are overlooking a goldmine that is already in their possession. All of the clothes that they used to wear growing up are still very much in play; them no longer fitting means nothing. Cut the belly and sleeves off that Gap sweatshirt. Slice the legs off those old jeans. Now they all have a second life and are super trendy because they are considered to be vintage. This is how you save money while still looking (almost) like Bella Thorne.


Photo Credit: InstagramĀ